Former Bachelor Contestant, Gia Allemand, Dead at Age 29

I'm a Bachelor and Bachelorette fan, but the recent news is way more real than reality TV. Yesterday I learned that Season 14 star Gia Allemand passed away at the young age of 29. According to a statement released on behalf of her family, the cause of death was apparently suicide. Gia had been dating New Orleans Pelicans basketball player Ryan Anderson. ...more
Very sad..tragic..what happened?more

Bachelor Pad Finale: Rachel Gets Screwed and Blakeley's a Step-Mommy?

Photo courtesy of ABCWhen Chris Harrison said this was the “most disturbing season finale of ‘Bachelor Pad’ ever,” he wasn’t kidding.  Which part of the show was he referring to when he said “most disturbing?”...more

Bachelor Pad Recap: Things Are Getting Weird (and Awkward).

Photo courtesy of ABCAfter the rose ceremony, the house was reeling over the ouster of Donna Reid (get it? Super-Fan Donna and Still-Obsessed-with-Jillian Reid? Bah-dum-dum!)...more

Murphy's Law, An Illustration

What is it about having a child that really drives home the Murphy’s Law experience? You know what I’m talking about. JUST as your child is finally drifting off to sleep for a nap, the neighbor dog’s shrill bark cuts through the air right to your nervous system.  (I’m still accepting offers for anyone experienced in assassination for that dog, by the way.) JUST when you finally have the motivation to exercise and lose that baby weight, you start to get sick. ...more