A Mother is a Phoenix

You quit your job to stay home and now your kids are launched (at least they are in school most of the day). You’ve volunteered for everything from class representative to PTA president. You’ve carpooled, you’ve brought snacks after soccer, you’ve attend yet another school play. You’ve been there for the braces, the training bra, the horrors of teenage acne. And finally, in the silence of night, you awake and realize that faint sound is the earth spinning seconds minutes hours days weeks months years. And suddenly, you are forty-five. ...more

But who calls the doctor when the fever has hit, who schedules the dentist appointment, ...more

Back-to-School: Sandwich Generation Edition

The newness of back-to-school has worn off, and we're settling into our parenting routines. Right? Except for those members of the sandwich generation who never quite know what to expect from their aging parents. What do you do when you have soccer practice at the same time as your father's doctor appointment? Your father who can't drive anymore? Replicate yourself? ...more

Honestly, it's a balancing act where no one wins...and someone always loses out. Take a ...more

There she goes....

As I site here in my quite office, tears roll down my face.  I just returned from leaving my 5 year old baby at school for her third day at kindergarden.  As I walked her in and held her hand, I noticed that it is not quite as chubby as it used to be.  We walked down the long hallway to her classroom together holding hands and I could feel that lump in my throut getting bigger...she sat down at her new locker to put her backpack in and carefully placed her "outside shoes" where they were to go.  ...more

Back to School Musings

by Fran Snyder ...more

Back to School? When I was your age...

by Billie BrownI’m so old that there was no kindergarten when I was five years old. I started first grade in Kansas, and when I met my teacher I told her, “I will endeavor to be a good pupil.” She looked at me like I was a hurricane, then burst out laughing and hugged me. ...more

Back to School with Beverly Guy-Sheftall

by Faith Childs ...more

Labor Day's ambivalent spark (with a dash of basil)

(When WVFC asked its writers to contribute some thoughts about Labor Day and the back-to-school season, we were nearly overwhelmed with smart thoughts. Stay tuned for more pairings this week. Below, Ainslie Uhl and Diane Vacca speak to that elegiac edge, when we can't decide whether to grieve summer or push forward. -- Ed.) ...more

School is now in session


Fall is Coming!

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more