Preparing Immune Systems For School

I have not been wanting to face the fact that my first-born baby is heading off to Kindergarten in one week.  I get a little knot in my stomach every time I think about actually having to get myself and 2 children up and out of the house with nice-ish clothes on and packed lunches and clean teeth and ears....more

Poll Nailish

It’s early September. Olivia would have been starting her senior year. For the first time since she was a small child, I’m not part of the back to school shopping rituals. Instead, I pass by the rows of school supplies and clothing that all calls to me—the fat pencils for small hands, the trendy clothes for teenage bodies, the bright bedding sets for dorm-bound freshmen. For an instant, I stop in front of a display of lunch boxes on sale. Finally, the perfect thermos for Olivia’s hot Chai to go… And then I remember. What am I doing?...more

Get Your Kids Ready for Back-To-School

It happens every Fall, parents re-evaluate their children's school, to make sure they're getting the best education. It's also important to have a back-to-school checklist to make they are healthy and ready for the books.Mom Generations blogger and mother of five, Audrey McClelland knows all about getting kids ready for the classroom. She shares some things that we can do to be more involved, and to make sure that our kids are ready to learn. ...more

T'was the night before school starts...

T’was the night before school starts, and all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, except maybe the cat, who was hunting a fly, The backpacks were hung by the front door on hooks, Filled with snacks, pencils, and shiny new notebooks. The children were all snuggled down in their beds, While visions of desks and recess danced in their heads. And me in my nighty and daddy in his shorts stomped all our feet, While planning healthy lunches the children would maybe, hopefully, be willing to eat. ...more
*Love*   Happy first day of school to you.more

Hoarding Is A Family Trait

Time for School: The Mid-Day Tea Parties Had to End Sometime

Since my youngest associate will be leaving the office to explore new opportunities, Tuesday marks the start of my new job. While my hours will be better, the pay will still stink. I have over 8 years experience of having a child at home, so the thought of not having one at home with me during the day is going to take some getting used to. ...more
@JanetD Sorry to hear about your bad luck but glad to hear you had such an amazing summer!more

The Home Security Back-to-School Survival Guide

All over the country kids are making their way back into school. For some this brings joy, and for others dread. Either way, as a parent there are some tips you can familiarize yourself with to keep your kids safe. Here are the Top 4 Back-to-School Home Security Tips provided by SimpliSafe Home Security....more

New Study Says School Lunches Harboring Harmful Bacteria

School lunches are the bane of my existence. My middle schooler and I are always in a constant tug of war over whether or not he should buy lunch at school (ick, I say) or make his own at home (yuck, he says). And once I have wrangled him into making his lunch at home, we argue about what is acceptable for packing. Needless to say, I end up with the task of making the lunch because doing the right thing nutritionally for lunch every day is hard.  ...more
I think there are a couple of points that are very valid in this study. Firstly, I have been ...more

Should Your Kids Walk to School This Year?

Growing up, I lived in the middle of nowhere and walking to school wasn’t an option. We now live less than a mile from my son’s elementary school. I’ve been toying with walking on these still warm summer days, but I’m dealing with a back injury that has been slow to heal. And, you know, walking involves leaving earlier which means being more organized in the morning. I’m new to this as my son is in Kindergarten, so we’re still finding our groove. But having read that walking to school ups activity levels in children -- whereas riding to school drops activity levels -- I’m almost convinced to leave the house earlier....more
As long as you are a reasonable distance away. I walked to school everyday! Its great exercise ...more

If Only We Could Bottle Them Up

The new school year marks parenting milestones for many of us. Some may be preparing for a quieter house once their teen heads off to college, while others may still be in the thick of it all. There are the transitions to middle school, high school and in our house we have a kindergartener. But what is momentous to me about beginning this particular school year is that my 3-year-old -- my youngest, my baby -- will start preschool. Even though she’ll only go a total of 6 hours a week, it will be the first time in nearly a decade that I won’t have at least one of my children home with me at all times....more
@EarlyLitMama Yes, the feeling is the same :) Thank you.more