Online Safety During Back-to-School Time

It's back to school time and I seem to post this message every year about now. PLEASE please please be careful with your CHILDREN'S identities online. ...more

Is Your Child's School Issuing Tech?

My kids' school started rolling out Chromebooks for the upper elementary grades last year. Each child is assigned their own Chromebook that they borrow for the year, which is plugged back into a charging cart at night and left at the school. My friend was telling me that her school asked parents to provide each child with a device -- either a Chromebook or a tablet -- that they were to bring back and forth from school to home each day. With testing going digital and more of our lives conducted online, it makes sense to bring kids onto devices. But who should bear the expense and set the guidelines -- the family or the school? ...more
Hi from Australia. My daughter's high school (yr8-12) has had a tech policy since 2012. Each ...more

How Moms Can Transition Children into the New School Year

Summer's end and the arrival of the first day of school can feel like a real blow to kids who legitimately expected the season to last forever. Meanwhile, moms are torn between celebrating six hours of alone time five days a week and being sympathetic to end-of-summer shock. ...more

Why I'm Not Posting About Back-to-School on Facebook

I love seeing pictures of your kids, I really do. I'm not just saying that because I hope that it will ensure that you don't unfriend me after I write the rest of this post. I really mean it: your kids are damn cute. But I don't know if I'm going to post anything about back-to-school this year on Facebook because I'm already overwhelmed by the wall of back-to-school photos in my feed. ...more
JennaHatfield  Respectfully, you talk about FB like it's a job. The 'calendar year', ...more

Fun Ideas to Kick Off Back-to-School Lunches

The worst part about returning to school is returning to the lunch time struggle. Every morning, we look through the pantry and refrigerator, trying to find something for the kids to bring to school. It doesn't help that my twins are picky eaters, and it seems like the only things they enjoy eating requires heating in a microwave. We also don't have a lot of time in the morning to make elaborate meals. I've been spending the summer months rounding up some cool ideas for back-to-school. ...more
School lunch in a glass jar?more

Feeding Your Brain Feeds Your Career

I graduated from college back in the 1980’s. No need to do the math, I will admit that it was a while ago. But just because some time has passed since I walked across a stage, it doesn’t mean that my education finished way back then. Quite the contrary, I’ve been learning something every day since....more

Back-to-School: Time to Make the Lunches (oh. yay.)

Last week, a friend who lives in Georgia posted to Facebook that school had started back up in her town. Kids were putting on new backpacks, carefully pressed dresses, and clean shirts to climb on the bus and return to the classroom. Homework, recess, and math drills had replaced days at the beach, swim lessons, and s’more making in the backyard. In the Northeast, where I live, school doesn’t start until September, but my friend’s comment had my heart pounding and my fingers clicking over to our online family calendar. How many days did my kids have until school started? ...more
Mel_AWideLine Hey Melissa! I hope those picky kids change their tune this new school year!more

115 Reasons Why We're Still Homeschooling

When we started homeschooling a friend told us to make a list of 100 reasons why we wanted to do this. "If you can't think of 100, you don't want it badly enough. When times get hard you will need to look back at your list and remember why you are doing this." It was awesome advice. We made our original list and promised ourselves we would re-visit it annually to be sure it was still valid. The list is largely the same, but it has changed a bit as our daughter has gotten older. It has also grown a little and now includes 115 reasons. Some of them are far more weighty than others. Some of them are downright silly. ...more
As a huge fan of lists, this totally appeals to me.  We are smack in the middle of our first ...more

Complete Breakdown Of The 2014 Back-To-School Spending (INFOGRAPHIC)

Back-to-school expenses are increasing significantly as the years go by. The National Retail Federation (NRF) conducted a consumer survey with the help of Proper Insights & Analytics and the results indicated that the 2014 back-to-school spending will come up to a whopping $74.9 billion....more

Preparing Immune Systems For School

I have not been wanting to face the fact that my first-born baby is heading off to Kindergarten in one week.  I get a little knot in my stomach every time I think about actually having to get myself and 2 children up and out of the house with nice-ish clothes on and packed lunches and clean teeth and ears....more