Solving the World's Problems: Design the Perfect Maternity Leave

Have you ever thought about how the duration of and financial compensation during your maternity leave affects your long term career and your family life?  I have had the benefit of working in both the US and Canada where parental leaves could not be further apart in both time off and financial support.  I unfortunately, chose to have kids in the country with the least family friendly policies where the majority of benefits ...more

The Stupid Things People Say When Mom Goes Back to Work

I remember the first morning that I went back to work after the birth of our oldest son. I packed his diaper bag just so. I dressed him in the cutest outfit, one of my favorites. As I walked through door of our babysitter's house and handed him to a woman I had interviewed meticulously, I felt as though she was taking my heart out of my body instead of just taking my baby from my arms. I didn't cry, mostly because I felt shocked that I had just handed over my baby to someone else for nine hours....more
I could write a post on "The Stupid Things People Say When Mom Doesn't Go Back To Work".  I quit ...more

What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

 Tomorrow I go “back to school”, well actually back to work which is with the public schools, so school and work are equivalent for me.  For the first time (outside of maternity leave which frankly does not count as time off) I did not “work” during the summer.  I decided to have the job of mommy be my only occupation.  I must admit prior to the summer beginning I was nervous about the task at hand.  Being a working mom and being a home based mom are both challenging in thei...more

Any juggling tips?

Anne KimballLife on the Funny Farm...more

Trying to Balance Dollars & Sense

I really thought with the return to work would be the return of my sanity. Ends up postpartum mental illnesses hold on a bit longer than I anticipated. It's not as simple as I thought it would be......more

The Tax & Financial Implications of Returning To Work

While the majority of women today enter the workforce at some point in their lives, the birth of a child often causes a woman to rethink her career, at least on a temporary basis. Among other concerns, a new mother often must weigh relevant financial concerns, including not only overall household income, but also the costs of daycare, taxes, and other job-related expenses....more

Back to work and a kid-tested hiccup remedy

Good morning, friends. Time to grab another cup of coffee and get back to work. Hope you had a relaxing long holiday weekend. Here is what caught my eye this morning: ...more

Catching Up

Shelton had his first trip to emergency last Saturday. We were at a family function when his week-long teething fever shot up, followed by a lot of vomit. Shelton has vomited only once before in his entire life, when he had an ear infection, so off to Emerg went we. After a three hour "observation" session, a dose of the same anti-nauseant they give to chemo patients, and a spectactularly messy purple popscicle, he was joyfully crashing around like the little maniac he is.And then his sister started vomiting....more

7 Tips for Return to Work Moms

Back to Work?

Hello BlogHer world!  I've been a member for over a year now, and sadly am just trying to figure things out.  I've found quite a few people through the ads that I love to read, and I think some of you may read me for the same reason.  It's been an interesting support to me as I've gone through a difficut pregnancy and adjusted to being a stay at home mom. ...more