6 Gourmet Food Guidelines When Backpacking with Kids

I've been running a backpacking camp for girls for fourteen years now, and by far the one thing all the girls remember most from their trips is the food -- both the good, the bad, and the dirty (someday I'll share the story of how Macaroni and Cheese becam...more

Reviewing the Osprey Porter 46

Packing obsessed? Who, me? Maybe just a little! I'm constantly in search of the perfect bag and, at one point, I thought I had found it....more

Where I am Me

When I was in college, I started spending my spring break with my oldest brother. We went on backpacking trips in Southern Utah. I had never backpacked before, so it was a completely new experience for me. Our first backpacking trip was to a place called Davis Gulch. It was a great trip, with lots of hiking, a few terrifying moments (for me) on the edge of severe drop offs, and some amazingly gorgeous scenery....more
I'm another who feels like me when I'm outdoors hiking.  Although I'm more of a day hiker than a ...more

Gear Review: The Northface Verto 26

As I slowly move away from the backpackers’ lifestyle and explore more grown up travel, I find myself yearning for some of my old gear. It might have been beaten up, scuffed and stained, but it was comfortable and it worked!...more

24 Hour American River Backpack

http://westvistaurbanfarmschool.blogspot.com/2012/07/24-hour-american-ri...by Kristin Sherman Olnes...more

North Manitou Island

When you think of an Island getaway do you think of Northern Michigan?  Chances are, probably not.The first time my boyfriend asked me to go backpacking I was intimidated.  Backpacking is one his favorite things to do, so of course, trying to win him over, I thought I'd give it a shot. He decided on North Manitou Island, part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  It's an hour boat ride out into Lake Michigan from the darling town of Leland....more

How to Hike the Appalachian Trail

Throwing caution to the wind and hiking a trail that is 2,179 miles long is not something you do lightly. The Appalachian Trail was conceived of by Benton MacKaye in 1921, finally completed in 1937 and is now the narrowest national park in the United States. ...more
I want to do this so bad!  My husband and I have decided that when our kids are older we will ...more

Adventures in Backpacking | Take a Hike!

Now that you've go your gear, it's time to find somewhere to head out to for your first backpacking adventure. Before you leave be sure to leave an intinerary with friends or relatives so they know when to expect you to return from the backcountry. ...more

Adventures in Backpacking | Choosing Gear

Before you go out and put that pack on and walk into the wilderness you might want to think about getting some gear. Thankfully technology has improved backpacking gear in the last 30 years, particularly in the past 10 years. These days light wear gear is even more affordable and with the internet, deals abound!   Backpack ...more

Adventures in Backpacking