Savoring Peace and Quiet

When you are stuck living in a metropolitan area and have to rely on public transportation, you really come to love summer, unless your bus isn’t air-conditioned. Coming into work today, my neighbor and I discussed the fact that school was soon to start again and how we had better take advantage of a nice quiet bus for a few more weeks. ...more

Back to School Means New Backpacks...

With my own nine year old daughter headed back to school in a couple of weeks I began to think of the importance of helping her select a good backpack.  It's more than just perusing a website or catalog for the pack with cats on it (important!)'s helping her to find the one which fits her size and needs. ...more

How to Hike the Appalachian Trail

Throwing caution to the wind and hiking a trail that is 2,179 miles long is not something you do lightly. The Appalachian Trail was conceived of by Benton MacKaye in 1921, finally completed in 1937 and is now the narrowest national park in the United States. ...more
I want to do this so bad!  My husband and I have decided that when our kids are older we will ...more

Easter Bag-skets

What are you doing for Easter this year?  Same old baskets with plastic grass? Why not package all those Easter goodies in something your kids will use and love!This year I'm trying out a first (probably annual) Easter contest on my products.  Click the pic to find out more about my Easter Bag-sket Contest.  ...more

Ten Great Backpacks for Back to School

I'm a sucker for a good backpack. I want to send my 5 year-old off to school with something practical and well-made but without icky chemicals or cheesy characters. Here are a few favorites for all ages that I discovered during my search for the perfect one: Back to Preschool 1. Skip Hop Animals. ...more

My little guys love their Skip Hop and Dante Beatrix backpacks (so far).

. . . . . . . . . ...more

Ten Great Backpacks

Back to Preschool 1. Skip Hop Animals. Super cute animal faces for when your kid still lets you set the style direction. My three year-old loves his monkey from Skip Hop. It’s the perfect combination of form, function, and super-cute. Just the right size for a little guy who wants to carry a lot with fun pouches and a water bottle holder. ...more

What Kind of Backpack Should Your Child Bring to School?

To date, I’ve discovered inside bags kids bring to school: 14 rocks, chestnuts with maggots, several dead worms, a father’s pair of glasses, a squealing kitten and an envelope with $200 tucked inside. A backpack -- it’s not just for books anymore. ...more

I actually found last years last full day of school lunch leftovers in their lunch bags at the ...more

Public school, backpacks and lockers (oh my)

My daughter started middle school this year. I'm only exaggerating a little when I tell you that I spent the first two weeks in a permanent clench, memories of my own awkward middle school years washing over me in an unexpected wave of PTSD. But the good news is that she absolutely loves it; she's adjusted well, both academically and socially, and most of my fears, it turns out, were for naught. The only thing she doesn't like about middle school is just about the only area where I never had any sort of problem, back in my day. The issue: Backpacks and lockers. ...more

My high school (I'm an '06 grad) banned backpacks my senior year.  When I first arrived, ...more

Caffeine Self Defense

At the nearby Starbucks, across from the middle school, at certain times of the day - every morning before class and when school is out in the afternoon - the lines of young people waiting to order coffee are out the door. ...more

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