pass the note and the cookies, snack pouches

 After I made s'more pockets this summer I made a few more snack pockets for car trips, television watching, and park visits. Since we are back to school and the daily grind I thought some school notebook paper folding was in order.  These make it easier to tote a little snack without getting chocolatey fingers! The notebook paper might help you send a reminder, a love note, or in some cases a warning to listen to the teacher for the love of all that is good and holy. I guess it depends on your day, right?...more

school lunch ideas

school starts next week for us and i am looking forward to enjoying the silence :) i love my kids, but this mama needs a little break every now and then. when it comes to their lunches i fall into the habit of throwing in a bag of chips, juice box, an apple, and a string cheese (they won't eat a conventional sandwich). not the best, really. i love being inspired by these fun school lunch ideas. and they are so much better... ...more

No Leaks Please!

www.abowlfullofsimple.comNow that we’ve talked about lunches, your kids will need a water bottle to go along with their perfect little bento. I don’t know about you guys but I am t.i.r.e.d. of leaky water bottles. So what does any good mommy in the cyber world in which we live do?Ask google....more

Back To School Lunch


weekly menu planner {back-to-school week}

this week i am doing a back-to-school series on the blog!i get excited every year at this time, even though i am sad to say goodbye to summer, i look forward to more structured days and weeks. the new beginnings with new classes, books, teachers, and friends....more

10 Ideas for Snazzing Up Your Kid's Lunch Box

I grew up taking my lunch to school every day -- roast beef sandwiches on white bread with Miracle Whip and nacho cheese flavored Doritos, leftover fried chicken with a bread and butter fold-over, homemade cookies or pound cake, always the obligatory piece of fruit. Otherwise well-fed kids sat next to me in hopes of getting my scraps. My kids' lunches don't much resemble mine from the seventies, but are equally appreciated. ...more

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids


Easy Snickerdoodle Recipe

A great back to school treat!

Healthy Back to School Snacks and Lunches

This is a list of snacks and lunches that are not only healthy, nutritious, and re-energizing, but are also quick to prepare in the morning, and can keep both of my kids happy without impairing their popularity at school.