Back to School Questions to Ask Your Child's Teacher

We moved over the summer which meant our son had to switch to a new school.  A move to  a new home and new school at the same time can be a tough transition for anyone, particularly young children.  We wanted to make sure he was as prepared as possible for back to school since everything was going to be completely new to him and one of the ways we knew we could all be better prepared was by asking questions during the school orientation....more

Tips to Ease Back to School Jitters

It's time for back to school for many students!  Does your child have any concerns or fears about returning or starting school?  It is normal, of course, if he does.  Our son had plenty of jitters for going back to school especially since he was not returning to his previous school because we moved.  We helped him ease his anxiety by discussing it with him and finding ways to help him be more excited rather than nervous....more

Setting Up A Homework Station

Ok friends, so am I the only one sad that school is starting?! It seems like the summer just flew by.  We were crazy busy and it seemed to go even quicker than normal!  Despite the end of the summer rush, we were able to fit in one last summer trip last week.  My parents, kids, and I made the 14 hour trip to South Dakota to visit my brother and his family!!  Such a great time! It’s definitely hard being away from our loved ones. Are you in that boat?...more

What Happens When The Kids Are Gone

My kids have been gone for an extended weekend in Idaho to visit their grandparents.  Another kid went camping and the 4th went on a hiking trip.   I've noticed some significant changes in their absence. 1)  The laundry loads basically ceased.  No mismatched socks, wet towels, and only worn once shorts (hey, it's summer) to be found.  What I laundered on Thursday?  It's all still clean. 2)  I haven't run the dishwasher since Thursday.  For real....more
I know how you feel, just dropped my 19 year old back at school. He's 5 hours away and this is ...more

Enough Already! End the Absurdity of Back to School Shopping!

I don't know where summer went, but believe it or not, back to school is right around the corner (August 3rd, for my kids).  With the start of school comes the massive shopping spree that has become "normal" for most parents.  In fact, the National Retail Federation ranked back-to-school shopping as the 2nd highest spending season of the year, behind only the winter holidays.  They report that the average family with children in grades K-12 plans to ...more

I know it's only July but, soon you will need this!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015Free Back to School Printable I know it is tough to think about but, the ole clock says mid July.  School will be back in session real soon.  Since we can't fight it, let's prepare for it and maybe, relief some s...more

$500 Classroom Supplies Giveaway!

“When you learn, teach. At our best we’re all teachers.” ~Maya AngelouIt’s a great day, Journeyer, and it’s about to get EVEN BETTER!Today, we have the opportunity to change lives.Many lives....more

You Won't Believe How Fast It Goes Now

   I remember everything about that morning. The breakfast, the getting dressed in the tiny navy shorts and uniform polo, tying his shoes, packing his favorite  lunch foods in the Blue’s Clue’s lunchbox.  I remember the sad drive there, and thinking silently in my head, “Is he going to be ok there all day? What if he just wants to come home? His teacher doesn’t know any of his likes and dislikes!...more