It's Officially Here.

Spring, I mean.  The beginning of new possibilities, new adventures, and for us: a new HOUSE.  Yes, we are moving out of our tiny little house and gaining space (and bathrooms).  I know, I wanted to tell you, but now that it is official - there you go.  May 1st is the date.  Yes, more to come on that.  For now, it is Spring Break.  We have loads of things planned but mostly they have to do with organizing, packing, and preparing for our new house.  Kaya and Kale have been busy making posters for their new (and separate) rooms....more

A Real Happy Meal

Monday Through Friday Breakfast Menu for Kids on the Go

Monday through Friday Breakfast Menu for Kids on the Go  Befuddled by what to make for breakfast for the kids every morning? Feeling guilty about the excessive sugar you’re offering with packaged cereals and breakfast bars, Pop Tarts and store-bought baked muffins? Not sure how to add breakfast to your already busy schedule, or, perhaps just looking for some back-to-school breakfast ideas? With a little planning, the only thing getting scrambled in the morning is the eggs....more