3 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Pinterest Worthy Gathering Place

Backyard entertaining can be an art form. Sometimes the right setting is necessary to turn an ordinary backyard into an extraordinary gathering place. Setting a tone that is inviting without being too formal can easily be done with a few key additions. Here are some companies who are masters in creative BBQ island, fire pit and outdoor media center installation. Look to them for inspiration on how to turn your backyard into a natural extension of your home....more

6 tips for keeping mosquitoes away from your yard

 Okay, if mosquitoes did suck fat, this post might be on cultivation...more

Shutter Fence

Reclaimed Home...more

Backyard Drainage

Reclaimed HomeThe Rockaway house has been finished and occupied for a few months now, but there’s still some important items that I’ve been ignoring while I take a much needed break from renovations....more

Backyard DIY

My Backyard Makeover  This is my first post on Blogher, so please bear with me as I learn how to do this ....     ...more
Welcome! I love before and after DIY projects!    The best way to get started on the site is to ...more

A Make-Ahead Party Perfect for Sunday Afternoon

My hubby recently started teaching Children's Church on Sundays at 9:00 am, and I've been helping him. This means we are often out the door by 8:30 am, and then we actually attend our own church service at 11 am. That means, we often don't get home until after 12:30 p.m. ...more

How To Get Your Kids Go Outside And Play

Eco-Friendly Must-Haves For The Backyard. One of the advantages to being a parent is that you get to call the shots. Some parents take this too seriously by being dictators and I don't mean benevolent ones. My experience, however, has been that most parents take it too lightly and as a result, their children have too much power in the family. I remind friends and family all the time: your kids don't get a vote. They really don't....more
I've subsequently added up the cost of all these items and it comes to about $275.00 for ...more

What? A Vacation? You're Kidding!

At the slightest sign of spring greenery I get antsy for a vacation.  I start to think of my childhood and the carefree “last week in July, first week in August,” motor trips that my father planned every year. He worked long hours at a very physical job and his vacation time was a matter of self-preservation – not to be messed with, not to be missed no matter what....more

Squirrel vs Me - Battle of the Birdfeeder

Last summer we had the large old tree in our backyard removed since it had died.  Squirrels and blue jays lived in that tree. I missed the critters in our backyard so a month ago I put in a hanging bird feeder hoping to attract the blue jays, cardinals, and doves back. I totally forgot about the squirrels. ...more

I almost bought that one! So glad I didn't. We picked one that shuts with the squirrels weight. ...more