Creating a cubby under our deck – to make my life easier!

I do find it funny how so often the projects that take us the least amount of time and effort sometimes are the projects that improve our lives the most! With the help of Joe and his chainsaw this project took me all of thirty minutes to complete and BOOM our lives improved considerably. All summer long we’ve been dealing with the fact that our outside spigot is up on our deck. I could get into what caused this to happen (because I ran all of our plumbing) but I’m going to spare you the technical details....more

A privacy fence room divider: Covering up an outdoor eye sore

Hey guys, well you’ve already heard me rant and rave about the terrible place our electrician put our electric panel: Right by our front door! To see what I did about that ugliness on the inside of the house check this out: Covering up an incredible eye sore in our entry way. After seeing that post many of you asked what we did on the outside of our house because it was all just as ugly on the outside as it was on the inside!...more

Beachy low maintenance backyard fire pit tutorial you can do yourself!

Well with September fast approaching it dawned on me that it was either going to be now or next summer to show you guys all the work on the yard we did this spring so this is the beginning of several posts about our yard. Why haven’t I told you about our fire pit sooner? Well, here’s the thing about yards: they just never look nice enough! We won’t be fertilizing or spraying for weeds or anything like that around here – we live on a farm and I WILL NOT put chemicals on my yard nor will I kill a single dandelion intentionally....more

Grill Station – Tutorial build with granite and 4×4 posts

First thing is first, I just have to show you the amazing grill station we had for our grill BEFORE I built this new grill station. Feast your eyes on this awesomeness!...more

A Backyard Bash

I threw a party this past weekend to celebrate summer's arrival.It rained.Yep. That's kind of how life has been lately. But I threw on my Boho dress and a big smile and just faked my way through it. We played badminton on the soggy lawn and leaned over the deck, taking in the wide expanse of green before we headed back into the warmth of the house. It was good food and good friends so we didn't need the damn weather to play nice. We enjoyed the hell out of it anyway....more