Don't Be a Chicken-To Buy Spring Chickens!

 It’s that time of year again, here in the South, where all the agriculture supply stores pull out their medal tubs and put out those cute and cuddly little chicks and ducklings! I personally have to remind myself not to buy anymore birds, as I already have too many. ...more

Farm Update: Step into my Office

Step into my office. Just watch where you step.I do a fair amount of my blog writing, reviews and photo editing inside the house, but a lot of inspiration happens while I am doing my morning chores around the yard....more
I love your chickens.more

It's Garden Season!

It's spring on our farm, and the potatoes have never looked so good!   Can't wait to have new potatoes about a month from now.  We'll be posting lots of new recipes fresh from the garden as the veggies get harvested.  Stay tuned! ...more