It's Garden Season!

It's spring on our farm, and the potatoes have never looked so good!   Can't wait to have new potatoes about a month from now.  We'll be posting lots of new recipes fresh from the garden as the veggies get harvested.  Stay tuned! ...more

Our Garden Update, After the Frost

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I had such great plans this weekend, some were accomplished, some not.  I planned on getting a few blogs written a head of time, laundry done, and bathe the dogs.  I did 5 loads of laundry.  I hung 4 loads of sheets, comforters, and rugs on the line outside.  The fifth load was towels.   Of course the blogs were never even started and here I am playing catch up....more

DIY: Wasp Trap

It feels like we've been killing wasps all summer and the little buggers will not go away!  We've been spraying wasp killer in every hole, crevice, and rain gutter; they keep coming back!  We're planning for bees next year and I really don't want evil bee killing wasps surrounding my yard......  Read the full blog at the link below:

Poop & Compost

I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that every once in a while the conversation around our family dinner table is about poop, vomit, farts, and more poop...  I know, this is not proper family dinner conversation....  Read the full post at the link below:

My Little Victory Garden: Summertime = Busy Time!

When people ask me how much of my time is spent gardening, I tell them "it averages out to about a half hour every day."Some raise their eyebrows and respond, "EVERY day?"  Others nod and comment, "Yeah...that sounds about right."  But the key isn't in the "thirty minutes."  For me, the key is in the "averaging."  And during this time of the year, that half hour comment isn't even close.  For me, this time of the year is BUSY!...more
 @wdolderer oops - the onion link was logged incorrectly. it's fixed now!more

Edging the Flower Bed

Sometimes projects just seem to snowball into other projects and it just continues until you have a total new look. As mentioned before we filled in our pool this year and this also meant I had to give my flower bed an over hall....more

Farm Friday - Snake in the Grass

Anne KimballLife on the Funny Farm...more
@AnneKimballHome That snake scares me more than Lady Gaga's outfits!more


Yesterday some of our family and friends brought over their dogs and we put them in the backyard to romp.  They had a great time running after their toys and chasing each other through the rhododendrons.  So we left them out there, only to be horrified a short while later. Where my vegetable garden used to be were now craters that aliens could spot from Mars. Wilted seedlings lay on the grass.  The dogs had dirty noses, filthy paws, happy doggy grins as they stood in the middle of my destroyed vegetable garden. ...more

Herbs in the Garden

 I have big plans to plant a lot of herbs in my outdoor gardens this year. The double-edged sword of concrete block raised beds is the 2 openings in each block- they're a great space to do some extra planting, but they're also a fun space for weeds to quickly crop up!For the past several years, I've just planted herbs right into the garden, but as I expand my plant list each year, space is at more of a premium....more
I'll be planting herbs soon. (It's still a bit early here.) I'm going to do chives, basil, and ...more

A Hard Day's Work

So very tired today and really sore but I got a lot done yesterday at the cabin yard....more