Latest Trends in Gardening

For some people tending a garden seems more like a chore than a beloved hobby. However, there are plenty of people who find it to be relaxing and take great pride in their gardens. ...more

Eating Summer Tomatoes, NOW?

 I absolutely love tomatoes. I love growing and eating them. There is nothing that says "summer" to me more than tomato plants growing in the backyard, well, except maybe going to the beach, but that's another story. I got my love of growing tomatoes from Punch 'n Gro kits when I was a kid. They were handy little planters of vermiculite filled plastic trays. The directions explained to punch a pencil point through the plastic wells, water and turn the clear plastic top over to make a little greenhouse....more
@elaineR.N. Elaine! You are such a card! This is amazing information. I had no idea about ...more