Why I Love My Homestead

Blue State Cowgirl - Thank you!more

Poop & Compost

I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that every once in a while the conversation around our family dinner table is about poop, vomit, farts, and more poop...  I know, this is not proper family dinner conversation....  Read the full post at the link below:http://thejoeandjill.blogspot.com/2012/08/poop-compost.html...more

The Dream

For a little background on this, please check out Cheap Wine and Cookies, my former blog.  Over there you'll find details on the three years that brought us to this point.       In about a year, I expect to leave the Marine Corps.  We will be moving.  These things are both moderately certain.  Everything else is a little up in the air:Ideally:     &nb...more

Is Williams-Sonoma's Agrarian Brand the Real "Portlandia"?

Who needs Portlandia when we have Williams-Sonoma Agriarian? The urban DIY sustainability movement comes painfully close to self-parody with Williams-Sonoma's new Agrarian line of tools and supplies....more
Ouch, I resemble that remark! For my defense, if it were not for Williams-Sonoma and its shiny ...more

Intergalactic Christmas Stuffed Peppers

Who doesn't like stuffed peppers? I was leading the pack on loving them, but always dreaded softening them up in boiling water as it seemed too much fuss and bother. Enter the radiant convention oven, the one I have made by The Sharper Image. What an option! By putting a small amount of filtered water in the bottom, the peppers steam and soften while they cook. Yay! One less thing to do....more
After leaving my comment here, Robin, I plan to follow your link, to see just how you make your ...more

What!?! Fuzzy Bombs in the Mail!?!?

TomatoFest seed packets hold endless possibilities....more