Bacon Wrapped Sausage

These bacon wrapped sausage dogs are making my mouth water as I simply sit to write out this recipe for all of you gracious people. This recipe even first thing in the morning will bring satisfaction to my palette. It's a great meal for the warm summer heat surrounding your backyard and your barbecue with good family conversation while the kiddos play.Ingredients:...more

Maple Bacon Baked Beans

This is one of those dishes I hardly ever make, but when I do, I always surprise myself at how many servings I can eat, which explains why I hardly ever make them.Baked beans, when made the way I think they taste best, rank right up there with desserts in the sugar department. Why is it that something so savory is so sweet? And why do I love that flavor so much?...more

Baked Chicken, Bacon and Feta Farfelle

The reasoning behind the name of my blog, the 5 o'clock rush came to true fruition last night. As I was driving the kids to their music lessons, my DS asked me, "What is for dinner?" I drew a BLANK. I knew that dinner tonight had to be fast and easy so I could be fed and at Advanced Hockey Training for 730pm without that full belly feeling. FYI Lessons are at 5pm LOL! ...more

Honey Bacon Chicken Cigars

What ingredient always makes a recipe better? BACON! Everything always seems to taste better if you add bacon. :D...more

Cauliflower Tarts

Cauliflower is The Mister's "arch nemesis the bane of his existence" but as for me and my house we will still eat the cauliflower. We made a deal because of something that went down a couple months back. He MUST eat the cauliflower if I serve it to him. It doesn't mean he won't gag before eats it but he WILL eat it....more

Bacon-Wrapped Squirrel Giveaway

Bacon And Eggs Fried Rice

Every time we think of "Bacon and Eggs," we immediately associate it with American breakfast. It just seems as American as apple pie. When traveling outside of the United States, "Bacon and Eggs" is THE American breakfast that you can find on menus to differentiate from English, Irish, and Continental breakfasts. It has become a symbol for classic and typical American food long before. The question is - do you know how "Bacon and Eggs" became American breakfast? ...more

Roasted Tomato and Applewood Bacon Quiche

Quiche with Roasted Tomatoes and Applewood Bacon When I was first married, quiche was all the rage.  If you could make a quiche, you were considered a gourmet cook.  You had a French recipe in your repertoire.Years later, that ubiquitous expression, “real men don’t eat quiche,” dominated the food world. Recently, however, quiche has made a resurgence; and I, for one, am extremely happy.  It is so versatile because you can serve it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  In my world, everyone loves it including men....more