#BaconDay ~ Mouthwatering Photos...

Gouda & Bacon Burger, Truffle Mac & Cheese, Creamy Bacon Topped Mahi, Mahi and more......more

Bourbon Bacon Stuffing Muffins - So Tasty and So Easy To Make!

Any other time of year, I am not normally a fan of stuffing.  But then something magical happens in November and all of a sudden, stuffing and turkey and cranberry sauce become the most magical, desirable foods ever.  Growing up, stuffing was a staple of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but it primarily came out of a red box with yellow words.  It’s not a bad by any means – it’s quick, easy and tasty when slathered in gravy....more

Maybe Some Day I Will Figure Out What I Want To Be

I was watching a show on television and telling you need to be happy in your job. I can't honestly say I haven't always been happy with my jobs. Confession time...I been right down miserable on some jobs. Even drove home in tears. Actual it was so bad I even self medicated my self.It was simple I had to pay rent or something.Pick a career that you will be happy. Statement time...how about making a living and paying the bills....more


 i was planning to grill some steaks a few days ago when it was hot out, and i realized that the only side dish ingredients i had left were beets and onions. my sweaty self didn’t want to turn on the oven and i was craving a salad so i decided to make a beet salad, using beets as the base, topped with bacon… because, bacon. the bacon bits add a salty, delicious crunch to it and the result was excellent, not to mention, so pretty. [Read more]...more

Baked Potato with Cheese and Bacon

Oh Yeah! My mouth is already watering just looking at this picture! Baked Potato with Cheese and Bacon. I will tell you that it tastes SO good! To make this dish, my boyfriend and I took a special trip to a local Italian store to buy these delicious fresh cheeses. The milk for the cheese is from happy cows that are eating fresh and juicy grass on Italian fields. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but the cheese is really very fresh and delicious. The bacon brings so much flavor to the whole dish, so I had to make some extra for my boyfriend. It is not the most healthy meal and it does take a little bit of time to bake it (a bit more than an hour), but it’s worth it. You and your family will love it, so print out this recipe to have a copy in your kitchen....more

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Tenders


Use this topping on fish, chicken or beef ~ It's a winner every time!

Bacon Crunch Topped Mahi Mahi Topped with Cream Sauce  "The crunch and the creaminess will delight the fish (and non-fish) lovers!"...more

Bromance Cookies

 I like to call these “boyfriend” or “bromance” cookies because they have everything my guys loves; bourbon, pecans and bacon…WHO DOESN’T LOVE BACON?!Here’s what you’ll need:...more


Happy Easter or Passover weekend! My family was never big about Easter, except going to Church on that Sunday, but if you do gather with family or loved ones, this is the cutest brunch recipe. If you celebrate Passover, skip the bacon, although it hurts my heart to tell you to do so.  [Read more]...more

Bacon Ranch Mac-n-Cheese

The 15th Polar Plunge is this weekend in Chicago!I can't believe I have lived here 22 years and have never participated....more