Being wrong doesn't mean your bad.


Bread: It's not all bad!

The Food Babe totally rules. She does so much research and works so hard to bring us posts like this....more

OMG Lindsay Lohan What Happened To Your Face? [+ SNL Promo]

Lindsay, let's be real. I am not against plastic surgery. I'd slice my baby-havin-pouch with the hideously disfigured tattoo off in a second, and I'd let them take my asymmetrical saddle bags with it. And I'm not above admitting that there used to be a small bump on my nose. But OMFG LINDSAY LOHAN...YOU LOOK LIKE MELANIE GRIFFITH AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY....more
Wow, so mean spirited and not uplifting for women. Tsk tsk.more

Letter 5

Dear Heavenly Father, You know that Metallica song that goes, “… Hold my breath as I wish for death. Oh, God please wake me.” I’ve felt like that for a while. I don’t have the drive to write much of a letter, instead I’ll make you a list. I don’t know if it will help you, but possibly, hopefully, it will make things easier for me. Garbage:My computer crashed, which is why I haven’t written in so long.I feel ungrateful for what I have.I feel like it’s not enough....more

Sun Bathing in the Rain

“It’s raining. Let’s run.” Yun shouts to her son Gavin as they  step out of the car. They are on an excursion to a grocery store....more

Where Are Your Manners?


The Best & Worst of Italy 2010

Following is my serendipitous selection of the Good-Buono, the Bad & the Ugly-Brutto of Life in Italy 2010.  Feel free to add your own. milano buono      Milan’s train station grows up – and starts adding slick services & fancy stores for passengers....more

STLKiya's ode to single ladies on New Year's Eve 2008

Are you feeling a bit blue ladies because you don't have a man for New Year's Eve?  Well Don't!  It's all good, cuz Sexxy hates England and ain't havin it no more!!!  How bout them apples!  ...more

Three Things Small Business Owners Should NOT Do When The Economy Tanks

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably biting your nails and taking to your bed and pulling the covers up over your head.  Now that the economy is officially in crisis, a lot of people are telling you what to do.  In the midst of all that advice, allow me to suggest three actions to avoid:Don’t cut expenses at the cost of product quality, customer service or marketing ...more

Why I'm NOT the Worst Mother in the World

A very nice lady over at The Good Enough Mama, has asked her fellow mothers to join with her in writing a list as to why we think we're NOT the worst mothers.  This is an offer I could not refuse if for no other reason than to see in black and white exactly why it would be wise for me to make that long overdue phone call to my therapist. So here goes... Why I'm NOT the World's Worst Mother I. Sarah Palin beat me to it. 2.My ex mother in law beat Sarah Palin who beat me to it. ...more