Blaming the victims...even the children

Until we understand the etiology of a disease or condition, we tend to blame the victim. It seems to be human nature....more

When Mommy Isn't a Good Listener

I was an epic failure of a mother today. And my kid was a pain in the butt. “Max, I need you to be a good listener in the bookstore. You can play in the playhouse, or at the train table. If you start to run around the store, that tells me you’re ready to leave.” I ended up grabbing him by the arm, somewhere between the monkey books and the robot toys. He was running through the maze of aisles. He wouldn’t walk to the bathroom. He wanted to wash his hands before and after he went potty, but he wanted to cover the faucet with his palm so that the water sprayed everywhere....more
@Laine Griffin Yes, such a tough challenge to slow down and look at our OWN behavior.  But it's ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: How Do I Make Him Understand?

Dear Dr. Romance:...more

I Don't Like Spanking My Kids, But I Do It Anyway

I was spanked as a child. I wasn’t beaten, I wasn’t thrown around. I was laid over my fathers knee and would get a couple of good wallops. It wasn’t done excessively, only on an as-needed basis. For me, that “as-needed” would come around much more often than it would my sister. One of the small burdens of being too much like my mother. The point is, I wasn’t traumatized. I didn’t feel abused. I felt as though I deserved it and, looking back as an adult -- I did. I don’t like spanking my kids. In fact, I usually give them numerous chances and warnings to straighten out the problem before I do....more
Judith Liebaert  you are a moron. Your "argument" is based on no scientific fact, but is merely ...more

Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Just Like That Other Chick Across the Bar?

I recently read a blog here -- that was an open letter to husbands about looking at other women.  Which got that internal dialog going in me, or perhaps it was just voice hallucinations from my psychosis setting in.  Either way, whoever was in my head, it was pretty interesting.According to this blog, apparently I'm not the only woman to have experienced a lifetime of men commenting on other women to a woman supposedly important to them.  I have one question:Why?...more
Ha! Madge! Yes! I've had many boyfriends do that. Another reason they are no longer around. I do ...more

A Modern Day Hero Against Bad Parenting

Erin’s dad was at the Manhattan Beach Bagel Company -- one of his usual haunts -- spread out with his breakfast and the newspaper, poised to enjoy a lovely morning. Then the wrecking crew came in. A tattered, wits-end-looking couple and their two little terrors, trailing a veritable monster truck rally of plastic vehicles. Which they proceeded to race around, bumping into other patrons and causing a general ruckus. Meanwhile, the parents sat enjoying their breakfast in a dreamlike state of oblivion....more
I must say, this is one of the more creative, less offensive ways I have seen of dealing with ...more

Why Are People So D---ed Inconsiderate??!!!

I am blazing angry because this just happened to me.  I was 31 minutes into my 45 minute workout and thinking: "Wow, this is going to be the best (longest) workout I've been able to squeeze in to my day in over 3 months!"  All of a sudden, the channel of the TV I was intently viewing changed!  My reaction was immediate because I had no headphones and was struggling to keep up with the dialogue running across the bottom of the screen.  I looked over to my left and there he was, the jerk who changed my channel even before he ever got to the elyptical machine. ...more