Why Good Girls Can't Resist Bad Boys

I'm That Guy

You know the kind of single guy who is average looking and nice enough (you're friends) but also sort of a jerk (you wouldn't set him up with a woman you respect) because he only w...more
@AllThoseThingsILove Oh yeah, I would like to do some very bad things to Mr. Ferguson. I dated ...more

Are you really a Bad Boy?

Women fall for  bad boys, or so we've heard.  You know,  guys with a swagger in their walk, sporting a devil-may-care attitude like a badge on the sleeves of their black leather jackets.  Think John Travolta in Grease.  Read more http://www.sheshouldhaveit.com Rachael R. LorenzShe Should have Ithttp://www.sheshouldhaveit.com...more

11 Reasons Girls Like "Bad Boys" but Shouldn't.

Ladies, it's such a cliche...we love those bad boys! It might be fun for very short period of time, but the reality is - dating a bad boy sucks. So, Good Boys PAY ATTENTION! He's what we like in those illusive men......more