Dino dud

Have you ever bought a toy that looked so much better on the shelf than it did at home? Yep, me too...this year, it was our six-year-old's robotic T-rex that had me pulling my hair out.Read the full story of my prehistoric strife at: www.themotherofadventure.com, and tell me what your dud Christmas present was this year (c'mon...we've all got at least one!)....more

Am I Horrible to Say I Recieved a Stinker of a Gift?

So mom says you should be thankful for what you get no matter what you get...I am not so much in that agreement. For money saving purposes and years before I was added to the roster to be old enough to exchange names at Christmas time, my family pulled names for one another as to buy gifts for one person instead of everyone in the family. Our extended family on my mother's side is large, not enormous but big enough that this tradition was and is still welcomed. ...more