Monday... It's just another word for LIFE!

Yesterday, I had a Monday. Lucky for me, it was actually Monday. Did I mention how much I hate them? Probably not, because I really don't anymore–but yesterday I did....more

Dec 10 - 'Tis the Season

BAH HUMBUG... this is how I woke up this morning, and it had nothing to do with the Holidays.  I didn't sleep well last night, after my brother was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with what turned out to be Diabetic Ketoacidosis and a stomach virus to boot.  They kept him overnight, obviously.  Still waiting to hear on his status....more

There Have Always Been and Will Always Be Days Like This

But since I don’t have Ruth’s testimony on the matter, you’ll just have to take my word for it: someday, when your future mother selves wonder and imagine, let me assure you that yes, there will be days like this. Days when you wake up with a headache bear-hugging the base of your brain. Days when you dread the sound of your firstborn’s footsteps trailing from the bedroom. Days when you almost fall asleep on the couch when you’re supposed to be changing the channel to find a requested cartoon....more
Your words resonated deeply with me. I have a 20 month old and an almost two month old now. it ...more

Tunnel Vision

You know you have had a really bad day when you are strapped into an MRI tunnel and that is the best part of your day.  I pushed the worry of wearing eye shadow with metal flecks, becoming spontaneously claustrophobic, and enduring a very long needle inserting dye into my hip socket to the side and welcomed the chance to be in a loud dark tunnel where nobody could find me to bring their latest challenge to my attention, or tell me how I had come short of their expectations.  The loud noise was akin to a jack hammer breaking concrete, not too unlike the constant construction that t...more

Dark Days

Some days are hard, and you think you might not make it through the day.  Stress and boredom mixed with anxiety and guilt.  Sprinkle that with annoyed and lonely and you have my day today.  I'm not sure exactly how to make it better, except by writing this.  And it helps.  It helps to talk to you, whoever you are....more

Roses and Thorns

A lot of families play Roses and Thornes at the end of the day to encourage not focusing on the “bad” that happens in the day. I realize that I’ve talked a lot about the bad of my week so I thought I would close it down with the good that happened.There’s a Genius in the House...more

When You Just Don’t Have It In You

This has been a tough week for me on a professional level. I lost my biggest client and being self employed, that’s a huge hit both mentally and financially....more

Deep Breath. Start Again

  Today's start was such a tease. Allie woke at seven, and Kaylee slept in until eight. Woot! I was allowed that most coveted of experiences the morning shower! Not having to wait until naptime or night is a rare but welcome treat. Before eight in the morning I was showered, dressed, looking and feeling human again. Today was going well! It was going to be awesome! Somewhere the universe was quietly laughing at me. It rapidly went down hill from there....more
I hope today is an easier today.more


8:50am: I think I hear her. Yep. She's crying. She's sick. Poor baby. I struggle to put my feet to the floor because my body is saying, if you move from this bed I will launch a revolt... try me sister... I dare you....more


As I was getting ready to leave work, my friend invited me to go to the gym. I didn't have my workout clothes, I told her. She responded that she had plenty. I had a really bad day, I told her.This is her response, copy and pasted from the email:If your alive and breathing on ur own then its a good day...Perspective. By those standards, today was awesome....more