A World Gone Mad

It has been difficult to escape the madness that seems to be encircling our globe. With the recent riot in Tottenham over the police shooting of an alleged gangster named Mark Duggan, the mass murders in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik and anti-government protests in countries such as Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Greece, it can feel as if the world has gone mad! Even the United States of America seems to be imploding as the battle continues over how to stabilize the country from its economic meltdown. Worldwide legitimate peaceful protesters, political opportunists and angry anarchists are converging in the same arenas to have their message heard. Are we listening?...more
That is a very positive approach to have in such times. That, as you said, is the beginning. ...more

Finding My Way In An Economic Downturn

By Guest Blogger, Tamara Arbeiter I was recently laid off from my job. The Record of Employment I just received in the mail stated “Economic reasons” for my departure.  As company policy goes, I was asked to leave immediately.  Comforted only by the fact that a handful of very senior executives were also laid off that day, I packed up my desk, grabbed my kids’ photos and artwork and left, without time for goodbyes....more

Tamara, one of the best things about being a woman who has had a successful career and who ...more