Straightening Out The Shame Spiral: I’m Sometimes A Bad Feminist

Sometimes I feel like the world’s worst feminist.I mean, here I sit, telling people I want to see them be brave. I triumphantly think that I’m starting to see my own worth. I focus on my achievements and I find beauty in fatness and I think, society and my haters (oh, there are haters!) and everyone who overlooks me is not going to win this time. And I promise – I really do believe it at the time. I really do see my own beauty and strength.And now I’m writing a post that’s going to show just what a failure at feminist empowerment I am....more

Teenage Girls and Internalized Sexism

Image: The cover of Britney Spears' first album, ...Baby One More Time.I’m very emotionally tied to ...more

Did You Like the Superbowl Commercials? We Won't Make You Turn in Your Feminist Card.

Amongst the ladies of BlogHer, a bout of semi-secret self-flagellation seems to have broken out in regards to enjoying various commercials that ran during the Super Bowl. Sure, the comments are full of self-confident women standing up for their opinions, explaining why they liked an ad or found it offensive. Behind the scenes, though, e-mails have been flying. For example, Mir at Would Coulda Shoulda gave me permission to share her thoughts: ...more

Thank you. Your post made me remember that I'd intended on Wednesday to post more