My Husband's An Alcoholic, But He Loves Our Son

My husband is an alcoholic. He's also very jealous and possessive. He's taken our grocery budget and spent it on booze. He's done some faulty things with loose women. Recently, I went out for a girls' night and my husband agreed to stay home with our two-year-old son. But then he promptly invited friends over, drank like a fish, and then called me to say he couldn't get our son to sleep and decided to let our friend drive him around drunk! Long story short, when I confronted our friend he told me that he wasn't drunk, didn't drive anywhere, and that my husband was lying about it to get me home early. But the twist is he's a great father. He didn't have a father growing up, and its very important to him to be an active part of our son's life. They have a great relationship, and he's my son's best friend, hands down. Can I fix our broken marriage? Should I even bother? I dream that we could be an old couple celebrating 50 years together. But now, I'm not so sure what to do.Help! ...more
Dear TTT, being alcoholic is not a crime. Your husband needs love and support, no money and ...more