Timeline for the Best Teacher Appreciation Week Ever

Friday, April 26: I receive note from the Kindergarten room parent regarding all the activities for Teacher Appreciat...more

My "Lucky Pants"

"Do you want to go to the Van Halen Concert?" my husband asks me over the phone a couple of weeks ago.I am thinking about where I will be at mentally Saturday with the three boys and the never ending "hillbilly hand-fishing" swamp clothing I have been washing and and say quickly, "YES!"...more
 @@BehavioralChild I think I had stretchy plastic on my side!  Haaaaa!more

My Favorite 4-Letter Word

I mentioned in a earlier post that my Mom-in-love came to visit recently for Spring Break. (I call her this because mother-in-law has such a negative connotation, and she is not your typical mom-in-law.. she’s wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoy her company....more

Getting Sick? Think Again.


The love of Daughters – mine – for me

By Bonnie and Emma H. ...more

An open letter to children everywhere. Beggardly, greedy and self-centered children, shut it.

Dear Children,I am so freaking tired of listening to you whine. Everywhere we go, I hear, "I want....", "but everybody has....", "it's not fair....." or "I HATE YOU!!"Here's the lowdown. You are spoiled beyond belief. And it's not just you. Children all across the U.S. are equally spoiled and entitled far more than you have a right to be. So this is my response to your demands. My manifesto, as it were:1:  "I'm BORED!"...more

15 life lessons video games have taught my children

Since December is National Video Game Month, I thought I'd make a list of invaluable and tricksy lessons that video games have taught my kids.No. I'm kidding about the National Video Game Month. But not about the tricksy lessons:1. If you die, just hit start over, or dig some health out of your backpack. Sometimes you can wander around the village until you find the store that sells life, it usually comes in a box with the American Red Cross symbol on it. The important thing to remember here is that death isn't permanent....more

Perfect Potty Training Camp

Have you ever heard a story and you’re not quite sure what to make of it?  You  know, should you laugh?  Or, should you think it is kind of sad?  Or, think, wow, that is kind of genius?   Or a little of all?Well, let me know what you think after you read the story below. I won’t say how I feel!!...more

What the Puck?

Thanks to the YMCA's preschool program, my son Junior turned out to be a decent ice skater at an early age. So last year, we signed him up for their beginning hockey lessons. Mind you, my husband and I know zilch about the sport. Hockey wasn’t a big deal when we were growing up. Neither was soccer. In fact, I don’t think soccer was even invented back then. Needless to say, the only thing that we can identify in hockey is the Zamboni....more
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How to Succeed in Mommy Blogging: Sex, Cursing, and Vaginas

Recently I attended a lovely Ladies Who Blog luncheon with other mommy bloggers whose ambitions ran the gamut from "I'm just doing this so I don't go crazy being a full-time mom" to "my agent is packaging me for a web series." The idea behind the gathering was to pry us away from our laptops so we could interact with real live women who write the blogs, trade ideas, and offer support. General networking stuff....more
Great post! After reading this, I think I don't share ENOUGH. I aim to make my site more of a ...more