Pre-K As Policy, Not Politics

My favorite part of the President's State of the Union address was his plan for expanding pre-kindergarten to all four-year-olds. The idea has been around for decades, and it did once very nearly become law until it was vetoed by President Nixon. But in the past 40 years, two big parts of the early education picture have shifted dramatically. The first is that we know for a fact that quality preschool will positively affect the child's life through adulthood. The second is that preschool is no longer used as a weapon to make mothers feel guilty....more

I'm A Bad Mother

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) I don't like the Little Man very much today.  There I said it.  He's surly and irritable.He talks back.  When he talks.  Often I'm lucky to get a groan or a growl out of him.  Sometimes it's just a scowl.He leaves a mess behind him where ever he goes.  I suppose it's because the mess has gotten too big for his room to contain it any longer.I'm trying very hard to stay calm and compos...more
Yep- the trick is to relax, not over react in panic mode, It took me three teenagers to realize ...more

America's Worst Mom Strikes Back

We are all America's Worst Moms, aren't we? At least at some time or another. I know I feel that way, probably more often than most. That is why I'm drawn to the stories of Lenore Skenazy and Ayalet Waldman, both considered America's Worst Moms by the media, society, everyone except other moms who are honest about their feelings. ...more

Typology of the Bad Mother

There has been a lot of talk lately about bad mothers. Is bad good or is bad bad? I linked to one of the discussions on this issue in my post yesterday and the newspapers seem peppered with them the past few days too. ...more

Feed Your Children in the Bath! Weird Shortcuts that Work.

This morning I fed my three children in the bath.  It sounds gross and I suppose it is.  They ate oatmeal and toast and I'd be lying if I said it went smoothly.  Rubber ducks got clotted with oatmeal, at least one piece of soggy toast had to be fished out when it was all over.  But for the most part, they got fed, and bathed.  At the same time!  And clean up?  Just let the water out.  ...more