Bullies Come In All Shapes And Sizes

I know I must look ridiculous running around my backyard with a small rake in my hand. There’s a mean cat in my backyard. He shows me his claws and hisses at me. He even has the audacity to squish himself under my fence, come across my yard, walk up the stairs to my deck and threaten me, to my face, without a single wink or twitch.I don’t know what to do since I’ve spoken to the neighbors and let’s just say that their comments now fall into an already overflowing list of head scratching moments.Their suggestions:...more

Dreams and disappointment

When we were on the hunt for a house in our new city, one of the items high up on my wish list was a front porch. I've never lived in a house with a "real" front porch, and the notion was deeply appealing. The idea of relaxing outside with my husband on a warm summer evening, chatting and sipping iced tea as quiet participants in the life and sounds of a neighbourhood - birds chirping, children playing, soft laughter in the distance - felt so homey and comfortable and, somehow, right. ...more

Dealing With Adult Bullies

As I walked along the narrow, tree-lined, lovely-even-if-in-disrepair road that leads to our little house in our own particular corner of a town I’ll call Paradise, I saw the bully next door approaching me. He isn’t a scowling little boy or even teenager, but the scowling grown man who rents the house and barn next door. “Scowling Bob” rode slowly toward me on his red motorcycle....more
Thank you for taking the time to think and write about this issue. I’m so very sorry to hear ...more

Bad Neighbors: Part 1

Mental Health Day Blog Many people (manypeople) have asked me to write about the whacko neighbors I've had over the years. I haven't because it's like staring at a set of encyclopedias and trying to figure out which one to tackle first. Where do I even...more
Great Post! so scary though... did you ever figure out what was hanging out there? creepy and ...more

One of "those" neighbors

Until recently, I thought I was a good neighbor. ...more

You may be "one of those neighbors" but I think it's a good thing. We can't please ...more

The Leaning Sukkah of Flores

Today on CluelessMe.com I am going to walk you through what happens when the Flores Family attempts to make this for the first time: ...more

Sleepless in Cleveland

Remember how excited my hubby and I were when the neighbors who lived above us finally moved out? After they left, we were convinced that whoever our landlord found to replace them couldn't possibly be worse! And I suppose our new neighbors aren't that bad...Unless you are one of those types of people who view sleep a necessary part of life... ...more

Being Held Liable For Being Neighborly

The neighbor kids keep coming over and driving us crazy and I'm not sure what to do about it. ...more

Hasta La Vista, Neighbors!

BIG NEWS PEOPLE! Words cannot express the supreme level of bliss my husband and I have been experiencing for the past week! *Sighs loudly and even more annoyingly than ever before* Why am I so happy?!?! THE NEIGHBORS HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING! (Literally!) No more groups of little kids stomping and screaming above us when they should be in bed, and instead their parents let them play an indoor game of tag! ...more