Parenting: You're Doing It Wrong

I read so often about not judging one another as mothers. I see shining examples of moms who never utter a word against another mother. And I see the opposite as well. Those moms who can’t wait to talk about what every other parent is doing wrong....more

Confessions of a naughty driver

I made a daddy boo boo earlier today and it is one that I am a little ashamed and embarrassed about. It was not my finest hour and it was made worse by the fact that I giggled like a child afterwards. The incident in question was a moment of minor road rage, the problem was that I had my 3 year old daughter Violet in the car. My road rage weapon of choice was bad language and the expletive that rolled from my naughty mouth rhymed with heinous, well almost! Do you know what it is yet (said is an aussie accent)....more

Is my kid an asshole?

  What do you do if your kid is an asshole? Like if you are raising a bully or a jerk, what do you do? And why aren't people more interested in how their kids are behaving socially?My boy got a "D" in Spanish last semester. I know he did his best and is almost always an "A" student.  But he struggles in Spanish.  When the teacher called me, she ended her message with, "he is a NICE boy, and I look forward to teaching him next year." ...more

Genius or God Awful? Probably Both.

In the last 3 1/2 years of being a parent, I’ve done some, well, questionable things. As far as I know I’ve never made a parenting choice that put my kids in any harm but maybe that’s a fine line?Often I text Mommy-in-Training with some new creative parenting choice I’ve made and often I hashtag “momfail” at the end of the text. She seems to think my tricks are amazing. We really crack each other up with our parenting stories. Oh boy, if you guys knew it all…...more

Caution: Kids Running Loose in Restaurant

My husband and I were out for dinner with friends and their daughter at a popular restaurant. It is peak time and the servers are hopping between the kitchen and the tables. Amongst all of the chaos, there they were. The apple of their Daddy’s eyes, sweet little girls maybe 3 and 5 years old, running and screaming happily…IN A RESTAURANT!!...more
Thank you for your comment, as you can tell it makes me crazy too. In fact, my friends were ...more

A Modern Day Hero Against Bad Parenting

Erin’s dad was at the Manhattan Beach Bagel Company -- one of his usual haunts -- spread out with his breakfast and the newspaper, poised to enjoy a lovely morning. Then the wrecking crew came in. A tattered, wits-end-looking couple and their two little terrors, trailing a veritable monster truck rally of plastic vehicles. Which they proceeded to race around, bumping into other patrons and causing a general ruckus. Meanwhile, the parents sat enjoying their breakfast in a dreamlike state of oblivion....more
I must say, this is one of the more creative, less offensive ways I have seen of dealing with ...more

A Modern Day Hero Against Bad Parenting

Friends, I have a new hero. He’s the star of one of the most amazing stories I think I’ve ever heard, told to me recently by my friend, Erin. So settle in, maybe pour yourself a glass of sherry (who drinks sherry?). You’re really going to enjoy this one. THE MOST AMAZING STORY EVER Erin’s dad was at the Manhattan Beach Bagel Company – one of his usual haunts – spread out with his breakfast and the newspaper, poised to enjoy a lovely morning. Then the wrecking crew came in....more

Bad Moms Don't Always Turn into Good Grandmas

I never felt safe in my parents' home. As a child, I would instead seek shelter outside during stormy weather. I thought of this as Lilly woke crying from her nap the other day when it started thundering, and she said it was skummelt (scary). Later on as I was making dinner, I asked her how she liked our vacation in Norway from where we just returned, having stayed with my parents who still live there. Again she replied; skummelt. ...more
I couldn't have found a more identical story to what I'm going through. Thank you! I'm trying to ...more

I'm Supposed to Play with These Kids?

I actually considered not writing this, even though I felt compelled to do so. Because this borders a little too closely on something I may want to pretend doesn’t exist. Something I may deny. Something my ego hates to admit. Most of the time, I pretty much can’t stand playing with my kids....more
ha! I just wrote a similar post, although not written as bluntly as you. But, I feel the same ...more