Goodbye Helicopters: The Rise of Humvee Parenting

An article in the New York Times announced the good news: “Family time has grown.”  Evidently, recent studies indicate parents are spending less time on housekeeping and more time with their children. There is no question housekeeping has flown out the window at our house, along with the mop, the laundry, and any semblance of order. But togetherness? Clearly, we weren’t included in the study. ...more

Love this; I'm going to work on Benign Parenting with you. I think it does teach our kids that ...more

Daddy's in the Strip Club, Baby's in the Car and Someone's on the Telephone Calling the Police

A 42-year-old father in New Zealand is facing criminal charges he left his one-year-old baby alone in a car while he visited a strip club. The incident was reported to the authorities by a passer-by, who noticed the baby in the vehicle around 3 a.m. in the parking lot of the club. Authorities arrived within seven minutes, removed the child from the car and brought the baby to a hospital for observation. The child appears to be physically unharmed and is now being taken care of at another hospital while family members make arrangements for his care.  The predictable route would be to rehash that a dad left his baby in a car while he went into a strip club, call out his lousy parenting, and then write it up with the requisite smug remark dooming the child's future. ...more
I agree that people need to make that call if you see something in wrong with a child. The ...more

Tink's Box

As any new parent knows, a volume switch on a toy is your best friend, because musical/speaking childrens’ toys are categorically obnoxious and the sole variation in how desperately a toy makes you want to jam an ice pick in your brain is how SCREAMINGLY it wails the alphabet, or “Old MacDonald,” (and Christ, do I pity you poor bastards,) that shiv-me-now Barbie theme. ...more

Why breeding shouldn’t be permitted without a license, Part 38

It was a gorgeous day at Woodland Park Zoo, and by gorgeous I mean cool and overcast and threatening just enough rain today to make it feel like we had the whole damn place to ourselves, and that’s saying an awful lot on a summer day. Even better? As soon as we walked into the west entrance, one of the peacocks we often see was fully erect. Er, in total bloom, or plume. Whatever, ALL HIS GODDAMN FEATHERS WERE OUT AND HE WAS PRETTY AS ALL HELL. ...more