Be a Good 'Next in Line' Customer in order to avoid getting Punched!

I need to know if the Universe is sending me some kind of weird message or do you have this problem at the grocery store?(Warning, a lot of CAPS, BOLD and ! in the post so prepare your eyes and ears!)...more
I am always trying to help and set important etiquette standards LOLmore

Open Letter to CE Retailers: Want a Woman’s Business? Remember This…

Too often women feel like shopping for consumer electronics is often like getting their oil changed. Women walk into a store and are immediately judged on their electronics prowess just because she may have on heels and make-up. I had an unfortunate experience today at a retailer I will not name (although they are in bankruptcy, shutting down hundreds of stores, and made the headlines again today for having to break additional leases) that reminded me how infuriating this is. ...more