Inappropriate Coaching and Parent Responses

Earlier this week, a high school in my town fired its head football coach over allegations that he sent an inappropriate text to a female student.  I’m angry at his stupidity and overall lack of judgment.  I’m angry that school officials did not act in a more timely manner in this situation.  And I’m angry that the two former students who reportedly received similar texts from this same faculty member are too afraid of the potential ridicule they might face if they also c...more
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So You are The Teacher and He is the's WRONG. Oh, and He is 14 Years Old.

Truths from the Chaos                                                  So what’s your line in the sand ladies? THINK QUICK- --like I just threw you a football ---because no second chances. I imagine a Muscogee County school teacher accused of statutory rape involving a 14-year-old male student failed to ask this question befo...more

I'll Just Be a Teacher!

You should get your teaching certificate. That way you'll have something to fall back on! Why don't you just become a teacher? If that doesn't work out, I've always got teaching for Plan B....more

I sometimes wonder....

~Jami JoAnne Russell~ www.jamisings.comDo my teachers, the ones still living that is, ever sit back and think about how much they messed up the kids they taught? I eat too fast. I'll fully admit this. I can finish a big meal in under 10 minutes. The reason I can do this is because in elementary school the teachers on lunch duty used to hover over us, shouting, "HURRY UP AND EAT!" They wanted us to get onto the playground faster....more

No Such Thing as a Bad Teacher

My sister Traci, a veteran first grade teacher recently turned reading specialist, argues that the most important teachers in a student’s life are his elementary school teachers. Afterall, they teach the all-important fundamentals (good ‘ole reading, writing and arithmetic) which are the foundation upon which successful future learning is built. ...more

Somehow i find that as long as you have a thorough knowledge of your subject and a genuine ...more