The BLC: Bacon, Lettuce and Cucumber

Cristina  ...more

What a Bagel!

My hubby took the day off to spend some time with me today and what a perfect day he picked to be off. It was gorgeous out, sunny and 20 degrees. For those of you who lives in South of the border or in the pacific, this weather is obviously a "no biggy" to you all, but it certainly IS a "biggy" here in the T-dot! Especially in the middle of March!...more

What We Can Learn From Muslim Cabbies and Jewish Bakers

Did you hear the one about the Muslim taxi driver and the Jewish bagel shop owner? No, it’s not the start of a bar joke, it’s a true story that confirms my belief that breaking bread – or bagels -- can go a long way toward bridging even the deepest cultural rifts....more
Mmmm....we have sticky rice at every Thanksgiving, too!more


This is what we had for breakfast. Finally! After so many trials and errors, I did it... well with the help of someone else's recipe. :) If you love bagels, give simits a try - they are delicious.  Happy Eating! Yours truly, Kate Pet

Fax me a bagel please!

Where in the world is Spokane, WA.? You would think I live in a forgiegn country. I am a girl from NYC. Life went from humans to wildlife. Did you know that cougars can climb trees? And have you ever seen a mule deer? I gave up my colorful friends in NY for a new breed. All I can say is..... fax me a bagel please! ...more