Here Bagel Bagel Bagel...

Bagels are one of my most favorite things to eat.  They are so versatile, so forgiving; they go with anything — from smoked white fish to jam — and never complain.  You can eat them by themselves just fine or slather with butter or cream cheese, and you’ve got yourself a meal....more

Everything About Everything Bagels

[image via Chris Piascik] ...more

Honey Wheat Bagels with Caraway and Poppy

Our Saturday morning bagel tradition lives on with our homemade version. The key to depth of flavor in this recipe is the long, slow overnight fermentation....more

Thanks @jreinman. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do :-)more

Eyez Ricocheted Back In Time

MONTREAL BAGELSReading the  Gourmet article on the dinner parties of the past ricocheted me back to my past when we were a group of friends; some married, some si...more

Dream Pillow #13- A Wedding Dream


Sandwich Least Likely To Appear In a Dunkin Ad

I got this idea from someone, on some blog, I don't remember which, talking about eating miso in ways other than soup. (Does that count as giving credit? Geez) And so I tried this as a snack and it pretty much rocks– it also quells my sometimes desire to run to Dunkin Donuts for a cream cheese fix. There are three components to my happy snack:A Sprouted Grain Bagel ...more