Sage Femme Bag Giveaway - Because I Love You!

Thank you for entering the contest, there will be others, so keep your eyes peeled!more

Women and bags: a match made in heaven

Diamonds have famously been described as “girls’ best friend”. If something similar was to be said of bags, a perfect description would be “women’s first love”. Women have an attachment to bags which is akin to a passionate love affair.  A perfect illustration for this is the famous case of a mother who forgot her baby in a passenger bus. Interestingly, she did not forget her hand bag. Although this is an extreme example, it just goes to show that in some instances, a woman’s bag is the most important thing in her life....more

Not exactly an "it" bag

We've all heard about the "it" bag -- the gaudy, blingy, overpriced-but-I've-got-to-have-it bag of the moment.Your attitude toward the "it" bag may depend on your value system, budget, and/or personal political philosophy. To you, "it bags" may be odious symbols of excess and greed. Or, they may be shameful temptations, awakening deeply hidden desires. They might be valued wardrobe basics or temporary flings. You may own one, several, or none....more

The Art of Traveling Lightly

[Editor's note: Packed two full suitcases for BlogHer '11? Stop stressing out about luggage fees and start streamlining -- for lighter, greener, freer travel -- with these tips from simple living blogger Tammy Strobel of RowdyKittens. - Siel]  Five years ago, I was a one of “those travelers.” You know who I’m talking about, the person at the airport who is juggling large bags stuffed to the max and has to shove their giant carry-on suitcase into the overhead compartment....more
I am the queen of the carry on, and sometimes even manage to share one with my husbandmore

Vintage Fashion Fairs - UK see, touch, smell vintage fashion So many of us buy online these days, it’s so easy and even cheap to have things shipped right to your door and all in the comfort of your own home. I do this myself alot and heck my own shop is based online so I am feeding into the online buying mania myself but when buying vintage there is nothing better then seeing pieces in person. Touching, smelling, taking in the true age of each and every bit of the item that you simply miss when looking at a picture on your screen....more

Handbag Hunting : The Bucket Bag

I'm not sure I'd call it a classic just yet but the Bucket Bag does tend return to the fashion must-have list often enough that in due time, it will be considered a classic. ...more
I am so glad bucket bags are back! They are so practical, in addition to being stylish. Easy ...more

Jennifers handmade crochet baby clothes, accessories and so much more

  Hi My name is Jennifer, I love to Crochet and I love children.  I make hand-made crocheted baby clothes, dress, christening gowns, cardigans, hats, beanies, crocheted flowers, Great gift items for expecting moms and so much more.   I was raised around crochet and it just comes naturally for me, i want to share my love for the hobby and make timeless treasures for families to love for years and years.  I just started my own business of selling my hand-made baby items on and still struggling with getting my name out there.  I hope you enjoy my ...more

Upcycled Belt Pockets

Hello fellow BlogHer readers,I posted today in my shop a lot of useful and beautiful green handmade items.  I wanted to invite you to take a look at them @: I've included more journals (which I've done in the past) but added a bunch of new stuff, including a vintage belt pocket....more

just added a few beautiful belt pockets.