What if Buying a Pizza Was Like Buying a Car?

My own personal version of Hell might just look like a car dealership. Buying a car is the only situation that I can think of where you start at one price, only to be haggled UP by the person selling to you. Somehow, the salesman always makes you feel like you are at their mercy - like you are so woefully undeserving of the car that you are trying to purchase, and they are just doing you a favor by trying to take your money. When else would we allow ourselves to be treated this way? How would it be if restaurants operated like this?...more

The Cosmetics Con Game

If you are looking for truth in advertising, don't bother with 95% of make up and skincare ads.  In many cosmetic print ads and commercials they use a deceptive approach to sell products .  A consistent example that I see over and over again is of a photo of a model wearing false eyelashes to advertise mascara.  Huh?  Seems like the old game of bait and switch to me.  Kind of like trying to sell a small car by showing a photo of a bigger, fancier car.      Or how about the before and after pictures showing wrinkles on skin?  The before pictures are ...more