Sweet Thea, Bakery Review

`Sweet Thea. The physical storefront is located in Langley, BC, owned by pastry chef & chocolatier, Thea. You can take a chance that your favourite baked goodie will be there on market day (located at various markets, in BC's lower mainland) or order ahead of time, for pick up at a market. You can also make other pick-up or delivery arrangements. Her baked goods are addictive and I haven't had anything from her that was not amazing!...more

Butter Tarts

Ana - The Suburban PeasantButter tarts- the quintisential Canadian desert.  It’s sweet, humble and tender, kind of like us Canadians!...more
Mmm butter tarts. We used to buy the BEST butter tarts at the local farmer's market. Then one ...more

Why I'm Fussy About Both Men and Food

Fussy? I have two things to say about this: 1. The last time she asked me this question, I happened to be dating someone. When I told her this, she took me aside and whispered in my ear, "Play the field." Huh. 2. Yes, indeed, I am fussy. Here's why. ...more

Loved your food, loved the pie, loved your attitude. Thanks for the good read and the ...more

Breakfast is My Turkish Delight

Lately, this sweet and nutty duo has made many regular morning and mid-afternoon appearances on our table. And since discovering it, I have also been obsessed with finding a way to use it in other baked goods. Cookies, shortbread, cakes? How about a snack bar with an oatmeal base that could hold the creamy syrupy tahini peznak and allow its flavors to penetrate through to your taste buds?...more

Banana Nut Muffin

These muffins are a welcomed alternative to store-bought cookies and are a cost-friendly snack item for the kids’ pack lunches or for take-alongs to family picnics. For an interesting variation, I made use of the versatility of the recipe by substituting, on half of the muffin batter, my leftover blueberries and blackberries in place of the mashed banana. Before I popped this blueberry-blackberry batch into the oven to bake, I sprinkled on top the cinnamon-streusel topping I used for my berry crumble. http://thecookmobile.com/banana-nut-muffin/ ...more

Chocolate Nut Bread

This is a delicious bread recipe I found on the label of my new loaf pan. I decreased the sugar called for in the recipe to 1/2 cup and it came out just perfect for my sweet buds. It’s especially good while warm, with melted chocolate and crunchy nuts on every bite. Hot cup of coffee is the perfect compliment! http://thecookmobile.com/chocolate-nut-bread/ ...more