Have a Ghoulish Halloween

S’mores in a pan


Snickers Brownies

the easiest to bake puff pastries with frankfurters

http://goluboglazka2.blogspot.com/2015/09/crenvuste-in-aluat-sfogliatine... ...more

Eating Sunshine- A Lemon Tart Recipe

 EATING SUNSHINE- A LEMON TART RECIPEEDIT07 • 28 • 15The garden is calling.It’s dialing 911. ...more

Low Carb Powerhouse Peanut Butter and Walnut Biscuits

 Cookies tend to be a staple in our house but lets face it they are full of sugar, carbs and other ingredients I can’t pronounce. Even the home made kind are full of enough sugar to keep your dentists pockets well lined....more

Chocolate Cake

Good Morning Everyone!Today is Friday! Yay! :DI felt like this month, the month of June, the time passes so quickly! Do you guys agree with me? Hahaha probably no and perhaps yes!...more

Rollhuchen a great fried pastry with Watermelon Gluten Free

Summer is upon us and so is the watermelon season.  Rollhuchen comes from our Russian Mennonite tradition and is an excellent companion food with watermelon.  Here is our gluten free remake for you to enjoyClick here...more

Do you Bake?

                               Don't you just love the smell of your house while baking? I do! I just love to bake! One of my favorite things to bake is Sopapilla Chessecake, and this dish is a killer at all events! Everyone loves it! I love enjoying it while it is still warm!...more