Cooking with the boys

Stuffed Mushrooms

I have many versions of stuffed mushrooms this version is a great starter for Thanksgiving or any hearty meal. What you'll need:...more

Chrorizo, Bean and Escarole Soup


Little pastry with lemon cream – Recipe

One more recipe from my Italian kitchen. It’s extremely easy and perfect for the whole family.From

How to Make Perfectly Shaped Cookies

I love baking cookies, but until recently I've never been fond of baking cut-out cookies. I've always found them to be too much effort, the results too uneven, the taste too bland. For lazy bakers like me, bar cookies like lemon squares or heath toffee bars are the only way to go: just dump your whole bowl of batter into a pan and cut into squares! ...more
Your cookies look great! I have dozens of cookies to bake this week, so I will be picking up ...more