Link Love Saturday #2: Amy's Healthy Baking

Hey, hey, hey, it's Saturday yay!! :)(That was me attempting to rhyme)....more

6 DIY Mason Jar Ideas

I love mason jars. Not only are they the epitome of the South, but they're reusable for, well, pretty much anything. Here's a great downloadable PDF of my favorite 6 DIY mason jar ideas....more

Antique Baby Shower!

So much has changed in the HOUSEOFMEIS. New baby is on the way and let me tell you the time has completely flown by! So having to start prep for a baby shower was a bit of a surprise to me when May came. I knew I wanted no characters nothing too gimmicky.. just nice and sweet!...more

Green Apple Dumpling Recipe

Yesterday I posted my Flank Steak Empanada Recipe that I am considering entering in the P.F. Chang Goodness of Fall Recipe Contest. Today, I am sharing the other recipe I am considering as an entry....more

Banana and Walnut Chocolate Bread

A couple of months back, I posted a recipe of one of my all time favourites - Banana Bread. Since that post, I have made Banana Bread countless times for myself, friends and colleagues. So effortlessly quick and easy to put together, I have worked on several variations trying to add some character to the current package. And I think I finally nailed it with the help of some staple ingredients in my kitchen....more

Easy Apple Crumble

We had a couple over for dinner the other night and I wanted to make something for dessert that I hadn't made for a long time. Something that would be perfect for a cold February evening. Thumbing through my recipe binder I found one of my old faves, an Apple Crumble. It's the perfect combination with two kinds of apples that help to keep it from being too tart or too sweet. And, when you top it off with a little vanilla ice cream it's even better! ...more
Yum! I like crumble a lot more than I like pie.more

Til Ke Ladoo

Til Ke Ladoo(click for detail recipe)  ...more

My 2013 Dessert Recipes in Review!

My 2013 Dessert Recipes in Review is a delicious selection of great endings for any meal or great beginnings for a delightful snack! Either way you won't be disappointed, and I know this because my own family never is when these wonderful desserts are served!...more