Cake Day & Night

This is my sister's famously easy- lazy cake that would please everyone.  And this cake is asking for only a few simple ingredients that you almost always have available.  OK may be not the Irish cream:)...more

Puff Pastry Leaf

These cute puff pastry cookies are dangerously good and so flaky.  If you decide to have only two or three of them - it won't work, because you will quickly become addicted to these beauties, just a friendly warning;)...more

Salted Chocolate Tart with Peanut Butter Pretzel Crust

If you haven’t discovered the phenomenon of salted chocolate on your own, allow me to guide you for a moment through the logic behind it.Do you love peanut butter with chocolate?  Do you love pretzels with chocolate?  Do you love salted caramel smothered in chocolate?Of course you do!...more