3 Easy Cookie Recipes to Make With Kids

I don’t often need an excuse to bake. I love the smell of cookies or bread baking in the oven. It seems to draw everyone in the house to the kitchen island and away from their phones, computers and electronic pad thingies. I grab a mug of milk for each of us and we test each batch as it comes out of the oven. We often end up too full to eat a proper dinner, but who cares! Every now and then you have to break the rules. ...more
Chocolate. Chip from Jennifer Perillo In Jennie's Kitchen!more

Licking the Bowl: Tips for Safe Food Preparation and Storage

Valentine Cupcakes On Tuesday evening the boys and I made Valentine cupcakes; the kind with sprinkles baked in and covered in pink frosting and...more

i remembered when i was a kid, helping my aunt in baking. for me, its more fun than learning how ...more

Reducing Waste While Creating Abundance

During the holidays, I always feel some sort of primal urge to cook - - a lot....more