Orange Cream Scones. Now My Life Is Complete.

Honestly, I've tried to resist these scones. I steadfastly turned my back to the kitchen as their buttery aroma came wafting through the house this afternoon.  The tasty morsel you see featured above stayed totally in tact as I photographed it, and I resisted licking the sweet little drop of orange glaze  dripping onto my finger.   Good job Jennifer, good job....more

Gingersnap cookies

Peanut Butter Cheerios Bars Recipe

Apple Season = German Apple Cake

It's apple season! We went apple picking over the weekend....what a fun family activity. I used the website to find a local farm. It is a great website that offers lots of information and a pretty current list of Pick Your Own farms. Only issue....totally overloaded with apples. Time to bake! ...more

My very first Banana Bread!

I was thinking about something new to bake today with my kiddo :-) I heard about Banana Bread, but never did. (I am Hungarian, we have a similar bread with fruit, but a little bit different.) Just typed in google and clicked on the first hit. I guess I found the perfect recipe from the thousands... :-)Ingredients...more

Fresh Strawberry Pie recipe

This year, my strawberry patch just exploded with beautiful, scrumptious strawberries! I decided to use some for a delicious pie, and I wanted to share this easy recipe with all of you.Fresh Strawberry Pie...more

Firecracker Chocolate Pretzels

Firecracker Chocolate Covered Pretzels My husband asked for chocolate covered pretzels, Amelia asked for a "patriotic treat," I don't know where she learned the word patriotic, but since she used it, I wanted to do it! I figured I could take care of both requests with pretzel sticks, chocolate, and some sugar sparkle....more

Banana Bread Loaf Recipe

This Banana Bread Loaf is delicious and moist with lots of flavour. Perfect sliced with tea or coffee. Banana bread is wonderful toasted too. Best with overripe bananas. Image: Courtesy of Sweet 2 Eat Baking It was my birthday on Friday. I turned 21 again, but with 11 years experience! Yes, that's right, I turned 32. *Barf.* ...more

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

In honor of Easter, I wanted to turn my favorite peanut butter cup recipe into chocolate easter eggs.  What I didn’t plan on was an overheated kitchen—the oven being used all morning/afternoon and an unusually hot day…..what is up with this weather!!  Hot kitchen–> Large frozen peanut butter eggs = gooey mess when dunked into a chocolate bath.  Thank the Lord I had plenty of mini cup liners on hand....more
NOM! Those look delicious. And easy!more