Homemade Bread. I started to make my first time bread. I went on google and found a recipe, I read the instructions and I figured I can do this So one day back in middle of March 2014. I decided to make bread so I picked up my husband from work. We went to Piggly Wiggly were I bought Yeast.  Lots of yeast I wasn't too sure on how much yeast I was going to need....more

Bread Like Grandma Used To Bake

BREAD, MEN, AND SPACE SCIENCE So, the other day, I was flipping through catalogs as a way to be physically present, but not actually actively engaged in something Ben was talking to me about. It probably had something to do with his 'day' or what his dreams were. Can the inane conversations ever end?...more

Cheat Day Chocolate Bread (with Hidden Ingredients)

Once upon a time in a not too distant past, I had a blog dedicated to healthy and kid-friendly food. I reworked a brownie recipe from said blog and transformed it into a quick bread. It is a perfect, healthy option to quell a snack attack without jeopardizing an eating light diet plan....more

Whole-Wheat Applesauce Bread

I stated in one of my previous post that I was not quite ready for fall to arrive and then things like this bread happen. Spiced with cinnamon and sugar it is the perfect thing to wake up to on those cool crisp mornings served alongside a steaming cup of coffee or tea. Fall, I am ready for you. Let me have one more weekend for some fun in the sun then I will be 100% on board....more