Portuguese Sweet Bread

Almond Tea Bread

This almond tea bread is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee or tea as a morning breakfast or afternoon pick me up. It has a hint of sweetness from the honey and the toasted almonds add a nutty crunch. It is best served warm and topped with a smear of butter....more

Santa Bread Recipe

  I am so thrilled about how this Santa Bread turned out and my kids were just giddy helping me make it. They kept telling me which part of his facce they were going to eat when it was done.  First you need to make your dough....more

Baked Oreo Donuts

The days on the calendar are flying by: Christmas is around the corner.  I celebrate it.  I give and receive presents.  I host a couple of get-togethers.  Honestly though, ...more

Whole-Wheat Applesauce Bread

I stated in one of my previous post that I was not quite ready for fall to arrive and then things like this bread happen. Spiced with cinnamon and sugar it is the perfect thing to wake up to on those cool crisp mornings served alongside a steaming cup of coffee or tea. Fall, I am ready for you. Let me have one more weekend for some fun in the sun then I will be 100% on board....more

Eggless Low Fat Banana Chocolate Marble Bread

My breakfast this morning. Any takers? Recipe soon on http://lemoninginger.com ...more