Some Tips on Balancing

Everyone told me that becoming a full-time faculty member would be a huge change in my time management, but I had also been working an 8-5, so I thought I was well-prepared. ...more

Can You Really Achieve Balance?

I wish I could balance all the crap in my life as well as the dog in this photo is doing with that coffee. He looks so peaceful, and happy. Like he was meant to do it. Maybe I was meant to be running in all directions with my hair on fire too. Even though I’m stressed out, I feel more alive when I’m doing lots of things at once. My nightmare is boredom. It’s like a death sentence actually. ...more

Being true to oneself does help. Gotta practice however. I think it gets easier as you get older ...more

Work From Home Without Going Insane

Lots of people will tell you they’d love to work from home, especially moms. I used to think that too. Until it actually happened. You can read the long, sad story of my career in the enterprise software industry if you want to cry. But, it came about out of necessity really....more

This is cheaper than therapy

Anyone who has glimpsed a few of my blogs, may be able to tell that I am coming out of a 7 year funk. It is amazing to me how much we women and human beings in general, put up with from pressures in our lives. As teenagers and young adults, we are used to juggling school,work and hormonal pressures and accept it as the norm. As we get older we don't always make adjustments to the pressures of work, family, hormonal changes; we just keep on trying to juggle everything. I'm 51 years old and I have figured out that I can't do everything....more

Creativity Tips: Forget Your Phone!

This past weekend, I was rushing to get somewhere and left the house without my cell phone. By the time I realized it, I was too far away and running too late to go back.You know what happened? The world continued to spin. Astonishing, I know. And I'll tell you a secret: My multi-tasking brain breathed a sigh of relief.Today, give your brain a break. Forget your cell phone. Let your creative cells regenerate in the silence.---------------All right. I can't resist. My inner old person is coming out: "When I was young, we didn't have cell phones....more

Mommy doesn't have a "job"

One of the great things about losing my mind is that I have more time to volunteer in my daughter's classroom. ...more

Life Interrupted

By Guest Blogger Melanie Kramer I must admit, writing this Blog post was cathartic, liberating and at the same time overcast with a shadow of somberness. The last six years have been a struggle coming to terms with my decision to give up a painting career that I loved dearly, to stay home and raise my children.  And as I reflect back today, I can’t help but think, “Was this the best decision for me? For my kids? Why do I feel like I am on the road to nowhere?”...more