INspired Action Journal - A Law of Attraction In Action Publication

INspired Action Journal A Law of Attraction In Action Publication of Bliss Studios LLC Less is More The beauty of living deliberately in harmony with the Law of Attraction is … Less is More. ...more

Breaking the Spell: Four Tips to Save Money and Spend Mindfully

Spending mindfully saves more money than clipping coupons, and more headache than reducing utility bills and mortgage payments. But you have to commit to it, like a successful dieter who finally commits to a healthful lifestyle instead of a starvation yo-yo. You have to break the spell: Turn immediate gratification into mindful satisfaction. ...more

As a Mom, What Legacy Do You Want To Leave Your Children?

I was talking to a life coach today and she asked me what legacy I wanted to leave my children. She asked me to imagine my boys, all grown up, describing me to someone who didn't know me. She asked me how I would want them to describe me as a mom and as an individual. As a Mom... I hope they will describe me as loving, fun, silly, warm, open, available, and spontaneous. Someone they can always turn to. ...more

shut up and listen

Tonight I was reading some old journals from a particular time.  Mostly because these days I’ve been feeling much the same as I was then.  I’m needing change.  It’s all I think about and yet I seem to be at a loss as to how to go about figuring out how to affect it. ...more

how to get rid of a week like that

It was one of those weeks.  I’ve been having a lot of those lately.  Friday afternoon comes, and I’m finally presented with that longed-for three-day weekend which I recieve as if it’s a bundle of new line-dried sheets. And I haven’t even left the office yet when my sister sends me a text: “What are you doing?  Want to do something?” Heavens me, of COURSE I want to do something! Before I catch the bus to go home, it’s decided.  Cathy will come into town and stay over and we’ll have a sister night.  ...more

It can be your plan for an upcoming weekend!



This is the life!!!


Womenomics: That Pesky Work-Balance Issue and the Anchorwomen

Last week, on the back deck of Punditmom's house, I was lucky enough to meet and listen to ABC's Claire Shipman and BBC's Katty Kay as they talked about their new book, Womenomics.  It was thrilling to hear them talk about the new "facts of life" - that, in fact, it's now good business to hire women and move them up the ladder, and to ...more

Cynthia -- It was so nice seeing you at the Womenomics talk.  Thanks for the kind words about ...more

Who is The Household CEO and what does it take to fill her shoes? Find out TODAY!

  What does it take to fill the shoes of today’s Household CEO? ...more

Are You Giving Up Freedom for Security, Status, & Comfort?

"Those who surrender freedomfor security will not have,nor do they deserve, either one."— Thomas Jefferson I think there are a lot of people out there who would nod their heads in agreement with this quote if we were having a political discussion about the Bush administration and our post 9/11 American culture. ...more

Will I Attend College – Again – With My Daughter?

Our youngest daughter, Maddie, just turned five. She has slept in our room about 220 nights out of the last 270. No jokes here. She started in our bed and after a month or so, we told her it was her sleeping bag on the floor, or back to her room. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll need to go away to college with her too. She’d better pack her sleeping bag in that case ...more