Shout Out to the Switch Up

1-2-3 leg lift. . 2-2-3 leg lift 100-2-3 leg lift and so on and so on yawn. Doing the same exercise over and over doesn't challenge your body much and it bores the hell out of your brain. Switch up your work plan out with different and new exercises to make it interesting and dynamic . Working different muscles in your body increases your flexibility, mobility and balance. ...more

Beginning at the End

For the past couple decades, I've had a 10-year+ career plan with definite endpoints:  get into medical school, graduate, finish residency +/- fellowship, make attending. ...more

Me, A Writer?

 If you were around me for very long, you would soon equate me to a spinning top. I am very focused but can veer off on a random trail very quickly and with as much focus. My husband calls me a whirling dervish and shakes his head often, in my direction. A longstanding relationship with someone like me would show you that we are effective, just in a very ‘around the bush and in the backdoor’ sort of way. ...more

6 great ways to save money for Earth Day

~ Elizabeth Burman, AKA "Almostgotit," blogs at ~ ...more

Oops...Your Stress is Showing

    My anti-stress routine includes at least 40 hours of cardio per week.  As a self diagnosed ADD victim, I know that when I get on the elliptical machine I need a distraction.  Thank goodness for Hollywood and all the Stars with all of their life problems.  It is that useless, mind trashy fodder that gets me through my workout.  Yes, I’ve tried scientific journals but they have the effect of making me look at the clock, which reminds me that I would rather be on the couch eating chips and watching reruns of Two and a Half Men.    ...more

Ready, Set, Balance!

I started blogging to try to find the balance between raising my family and working on my writing career. I interviewed close to a hundred moms and dads who seemed to have found that balance. Three years later I AM still searching for that balance. I’m starting to think balance is the wrong term to use. Sure, I have tasted moments when all the plates I’m spinning stayed up in perfect harmony. Doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s a beautiful site. But it doesn’t last. Plates come crashing down sometimes one at a time, sometimes all at once. ...more

Ex-Files: Should you cut sling load and drive on?

There are two options after a break-up: remain friends, or move forward without them. The most successful option has been to remain distant for a period of time, licking wounds and recovering from the break-up, and leaving the option of a platonic relationship or rekindling romance in the future. But throw in new boyfriends, old ones, social scenes, and the plethora of communication tools vaaialble today ("rejected from 7 different techlogies," anyone?), it's not so black and white like we would hope. ...more

Thanks for the comment! =) I believe there is some encouragement from women to have a ...more

Guide to 50/50 Parenting Gives this Childless Woman Something to Ponder

A college friend who just had his second child recently gave me some good advice on the "kid question". You know, the one that comes up, typically, after two years of marriage or less, from your friends, your in-laws, your gynecologist ... He said, "There's NEVER a perfect time to have a child. If you wait for it, you will never have one. It's very much a 'leap now and find the net later' mentality. You pretty much just have to be completely mental to want kids, but it is a beautiful insanity, I assure you. Even with the straightjacket." ...more

This was a great post for me to read with less than 12 weeks until I bring my first child ...more

Special Fem2.0 Invitation to Blog Carnival: Bloggers Don't "Work"

Though the public may no longer see bloggers as slackers schlepping around at home in pajamas, can blogging — or any activity outside the 1950’s model of "9 to 5" jobs with benefits — be considered gainful employment?  Over the next few days, Fem2.0 is working with MomsRising to start a fresh conversation about what should be considered "work" in the 21st Century economy, especially pertinent for women designing their own work patterns to accommodate their families. What is work? What kind of work has value?  ...more