The answer to our survival is Balance!

Our Common Future is a report from the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) and was published in 1987. An excerpt from page 4 reads: "Until recently, the planet was a large world in which human activities and their effects were neatly compartmentalized. ... These compartments have begun to dissolve. ... ...more

New Women's Website promoting education, support and balance

After years of being in the corporate world and missing years of my children's lives I decided to become an entrepreneur.  I wanted to create something that makes a difference,..after much consideration I created PINK Compass( ),  a website that give women the opportunity to learn and share their personal experiences and wisdom in blogs.    Please come check it out a ...more

8 Triggers to Remember to Center Yourself throughout the Day

This week at Blisschick, I've been thinking a lot about balance and how to maintain it.  Today, I wrote about designing and implementing triggers that can be used throughout the day to remind you to slow down, pay attention, and re-center.  I suggest things from mala beads to car alarms.  I would love to hear how you remind yourself to stay centered! ...more

Stop Spinning Plates (and Get Free Stuff!)

Are you ready to leave the “Balance Bandwagon”? Sometimes a message comes along that makes you STOP in your tracks and reconsider what you have been doing in your life. For women, the message has been that we need to balance all the areas of our lives and look good doing it. ...more

Are you a Slasher? Hint: most moms are!

You may have heard of a new trend in career designations recently. The "Slash Career" is gaining acceptance among mainstream workers. The Slash (/) is no longer reserved for the starving creative types, as in Actor/Busboy, Artist/Barista, Singer/Waitress, etc. ...more

How Badly Do You Want the Money?

Serious question. Most people reading this blog are interested in personal finance, budgeting, getting out of debt, or something of that sort. I'd say that most of the blogs I subscribe too are PF-related. And today's selection (along with some older ones) has raised that question for me. If we're looking to get out of debt, one of the best ways to do that (besides cutting spending) is to make more money and put it towards repayment. ...more

It's hard, really hard. I know since I've been doing it for several years now. Now that I'm ...more

The Game of Lice

Jill over at Writes Like She Talks asked me a very important and profound question a few weeks ago -- what is the conventional wisdom on why God invented lice? ...more

Mothers Against Martyrdom

I'm a good mom. I really am. I spend time with my kids, teach them good manners, set appropriate boundaries and limits, follow up with consistent discipline, try with all my might to feed them nutritious foods, and most importantly, I give them loads of love and affection. So why is it that when my four year old asks me to be "Sharpei" to her "Gabriella" and I refuse in favor of reading the latest issue of People I feel guilty? ...more

I love it! I'm with mommy martyr here!


Divide and Conquer

Tonight my husband and I will do something very few couples ever do. (No, I am not talking about sex). Tonight, we're going to divide The List. ...more

Yoga Tips - Bringing Foundation to Balancing Yoga Poses

In all standing Balance Yoga Poses, establishing the connection and energy through the foot is essential. With this proper foundation, Balancing Yoga Poses have increased stability, endurance and overall expression of physical and mental control. Read More... ...more