Let Your Dreams Fly

Sometimes it seems as if you have to work harder to keep your dreams from slipping through your fingers. You try to keep them close to your heart, but life often times get in the way. You've had to live in the real world for so long, that it's difficult to remember the joy you experienced from creating your dreams. Take a deep breathe and let go of the shell that surrounds your heart. You've been working so hard to protect your dreams so they don't completely disappear and you're left with nothing. You've kept them at bay for so long. Lift the veil and release them to the universe....more

Taking A Break

Sometimes you work on projects that take on a life of it's own that you wonder how you ever agreed to do it. It may have been an exciting venture or something you took on as a challenge. Whatever the reason was, it is now a beast to work with. The vision you saw in the beginning isn't as clear as it once was. It may be time to step aside for a moment to clear your mind. Sometimes when you are too close to the problem, things don't make sense. You know that you would never have taken on something so big, unless you really believed in the possibilities....more

Trading Places

It's not that you are envious of others, but there are times when you question how different your life would be if you were someone else. When you look upon others and see them to be happy, is it that you'd like to be them or want to discover their secret to happiness. You'll soon discover that it's not that their lives are any better than yours, but they acknowledge where they are and make the best of it. Instead of looking at their situation as the universe getting back at them, they understand that life is full of surprises. How you approach life is up to you?...more

Living In The Present

Time goes by so quickly that you sometimes can't remember where you've been. It's not until you stop, that you realize how far you've traveled. Life does not wait for anyone, including yourself. It moves much too quickly for us all. But there are important moments that need to be savored a little longer than most. But how do you make these special times last? It's by experiencing the moment with your mind, body, and soul. Acknowledging how special your life is at this time. Whether you remember this exact moment is not important for it has been imprinted within your spirit....more

Knowing Who You Are

How many times do you question what you believe in?  Everyday your beliefs are challenged by others. How much confidence do you have to stand up to what you believe is true? At one point, even you begin question yourself. It's frustrating being put in this situation and you may even get upset with the other person, but who is truly at fault.  If we are all unique, then what the other person believes in is just as true. So what are you willing to compromise to keep the peace and what will you stand strong on?...more

It's Time To Exhale

You've been holding your breath for so long that you've forgotten how to exhale. Letting out all the frustration that's been bottled up for awhile. You've been working so hard that it's hard to remember when you last took a break. All you know is reaching for a goal that's been just out of your reach. No matter, now is time to take a step back and let the world go on without you for just a moment. Do whatever makes you feel happy. Planning has been what you're good at, but take those plans and leave them home. Go where your heart leads you....more

I'm Sitting Two Feet Away From My Daughter...

If you post it on her Facebook wall, then her friends see it and it lasts FOREVER! Plus, there ...more