Baby Steps To Change

Sweet little Lebowski is currently learning to walk.  He takes 2 small wobbly steps, falls, cries... and starts over again.  He picks himself up, concentrates, takes 8 more steps, then falls on his butt.  It's quite adorable, but I can only guess how frustrating and challenging it must be for him....more

My Insanity Cup Runneth Over

Someone once described to me that a fragile state of mind  is like a  cup that is full to the top. If you put one more drop in it, it will overflow and get your shit all wet. The last few months or so I've often felt like that full cup. If I get one more drop of bullshit,  I'll over flow and freak out. In the Bible it's nice when your cup overflows, like you have a lot of blessings to be grateful for. Well, my cup runneth over with insanity and one more drop of awful is going to turn me into a lunatic. You don't want a cup full of crazy. ...more

Balancing Priorities

Talk is cheap in the horse world, like most places. We talk about what our horses mean to us and the goals we have....more